LF - Your old wailing Banshee


So do you have a banshee sitting around your room and have had enough of all that constant screaming, wailing, and shrieking and just want some peace and quiet ?

Huh…whats that you say?
Oh…Its a yoyo and doesnt wail and shriek ??
Ohhh yah…well I knew that…I was just looking for a clever lead in.

But maybe it is just sitting around your room as a shelf ornament and the only fun it has is getting dusted…occasionally.

If thats the case then I am looking for an ( OG ) 2016 G2 Banshee.

I came across the mention of the Banshee as a really amazing throw, while pondering what yoyo I’d like next. Those mentions were for the reviews of the 2018 Banshee…but in them…both persons said they actually prefer the 2016 better…so Im like…okay then…I’ll try for that one.

I did manage to find this original drop date announcement:

Looks like there are 3 colorways…there may be others but Im more interested in the yoyo itself so either one of these three will be great.

So if you have an OG 2016 Banshee (I’m only interested in that release year…Mint/smooth preferred)…and need some cash for a new purchase of your own and want to pass yours on to a new home.

…Please let me know if you have one and how much you want for it.

Thanks much !

  • Cheers

The og banshee came in way more than 3 colors. Those three you referenced are just the protos.

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Is it OG Banshee, then 18? or where there more than just those two? I’m talking mono as well. I know SS was sprinkled in there somewhere.

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( think macaroni. I just made it up. you’re welcome )