A question for the G2 experts

I have a Banshee SS and 3 of the Campaigns. Thinking about expanding my G2 collection. Not full on, but maybe 3 or 4 plus the missing Campaign. Should I go for a few G2’s that compliment the Banshee SS, or hold off for a spot on their Yoyo of the month club? What 3 or 4 should I look for? If I hold off for the monthly club is the variety pretty good?


Depends if being a soul patreon is absolutely worth it to you. If you like the yoyos enough that jake makes he also sends a shirt with the yoyo.
(The shirts are very comfortable.)

Typically the yoyos you get are colors you wont see on the store. Sometimes you will see them in the store if there are extras.

Here is my patreon Reaper from December.
You also get discount codes occassionally and a chance to win giveaways exclusive to patreon members.

@G2_Jake will be able to tell you how many seats are still open for soul status.

As far as your collection goes! There hasnt been a G2 yoyo I did not enjoy. Its all a matter of preference though. Sure I have traded some. Some are not in my collection anymore. But for what it’s worth, the Reaper, covenant, banshee SS, wolf, and Tishee are pretty fantastic.

Also If you like organics or want to try an organic, the Life is… well… I own a few because I just adore that yoyo


If you don’t have a strong preference and are not picky about colorways then the monthly club (The Soul) is a great deal. Looks like you have the chance to jump in now. https://www.patreon.com/G2Jake



A further question for G2 experts… I don’t own any G2 yoyos. I’m fairly sure I tried one of @FrankieJR’s at yoyo club but don’t recall which model.

What is the ideal example of a G2 throw? Which one should I have in my collection first? Not organic shape though.


Banshee seems to be like the most favorite (generally) amongst players. I cant even remember which one you tried. Couldve been the wolf.


I almost recall it being blue and maybe kind of small in diameter. But I tried several throws from several people so my mind could be mixed up.

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Reaper or Banshee SS


I think the banshee is agreed on the one g2 to own if you only have one.
I’ve got the AL7 Banshee and it’s pretty wonderful. I can’t imagine what @FrankieJR must have to give it up.

It’s shape looks reminiscent of the Puff Adder and Cadence ES. It seems like they’re all the rage these days. So if you have one of those just put G2 smooth on top of it.

The only G2 that I have that’s probably not worthy of the name is the G2 OC (which I still love). My only issue with it is that the midweight doesn’t seem as well balanced so it’s difficult to get a smooth throw out of it, which feels like a defining characeristic of G2s. It’s kind of like a mega rim weight only joyride.

Big mid weight to make throws come out smooth, and big rim weight to keep them stable for a long while.

I’m currently throwing the covenant a lot, it’s a great V-shape that’s on the narrow side, but also on the heavier side of things.

Pick a shape you like, get it from G2, you won’t be upset with your purchase.


I am almost posative the G2s I brought that day was a wolf, direwolf. And a banshee.

The wolf was blue with speckles on it.


I can’t get over how damn near perfect the Banshee is. I’ve still never been so blown away with a yo-yo like the Banshee continues to blow me away.
I wish everyone could own one.


So I’ve seen several different types of Banshees mentioned. I’m guessing there is a standard, an AL7, Ti and Bi (SS right?). What is a Bomber Banshee?

Its the AL7 with a cool bomber engraving. There is also the OG banshee

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My Banshee is a bomber (AL7)…
I think everyone I’ve heard of who has played both the OG Banshee and the AL7 has preferred the OG.

LOVE the etching!


So the Bomber is always AL7 but AL7 is not always Bomber?


Sorry for hijacking your thread @RABid

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The Bomber is always AL7 and came out in 2018. I think all AL7s are bombers though I could be wrong.

It came in both green and this blue:

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The retirement AL7 was a deep purple with no engraving


Was the spiderweb Banshee an AL7?