Easter SALE / HALF MY COLLECTION (G2, clyw, YYR+ more) 💪🏻💪🏻

Comes with a heavy heart but I have to let a good chunk of my collection go… between moving and other life changes I have less time for yo-yo than I used to and figured these are better going to a place where they’ll get played… Wouldn’t mind bundling some of these up…. If you buy one add $7 for shipping… BUY TWO get free shipping… BUY THREE pick another for free :slight_smile:

Good vibes and message me with any questions would be happy to answer!

OBO… prices are spitballed based on original MSRP

From left to right:

G2 Banshee Proto: plays light and different than most banshees… small scratch… no vibe $80. SOLD

G2 Valhalla Al7: Minty patreon Valhalla goodness… sadly I’m a banshee guy…. $135

G2 Patreon Al7 Covenant: minty just prefer my other covenant more… SOLD

G2 Respawn shark: mint and plays great just prefer my other respawn more… $65

G2 Patreon GBP: near mint hint of vibe… prefer my 117 color way so don’t throw this… 90

One drop Halifax shadowkat: sick throw… mint… $60 SOLD

One drop gauntlet: near mint $50 SOLD

One Drop Burnside 2020 Orion: chunky… near mint… $65 SOLD

Mowl Surveillance: Mint… basically only throw my bansheeSS for numeral will miss this though… $135 SOLD

Mowl M: mint 55$

Yoyofriends peregrine: mint… too many numerals yet again…. $SOLD

Yoyofriends koi galaxy: $SOLD mint and smooth as heck

Duncan Grasshoper GTX special edition: mint $55

Duncan al butterfly: $33 mint

Duncan yoshicuda: $55 slight factory vibe otherwise mint

Duncan origami 2.0… near mint $40

Pdx BatSquatch OG: near mint $100

Pdx phidias belladona: near mint $48

C3 Remaster galaxy : near mint $45

C3 Bastet 2 Special cat edition: $60

YYJ cerberus: good shape slight vibe $30

YYJ Dark magic 2: some vibe but it’s a dark magic… I don’t want to let it go hence the price but I’m sure someone out there needs one as I have another… SOLD

YYJ Vexed: good shape for yo-yo jam $35

Project Y Catsnacks: $65

Rain city author syfy: $45

Rain city gamer: scratched decently ask for pics plays great tho…. $25

CLYW manatee… few scratches… ask for pics… plays smooth tho… $55

YYR Almighty: mint… finger spin teacher…. $65

YYR invaders must die: $65

YYF singularity…. Near mint… slight Yyf vibe $40

Haitian Rotor$ 45

Zeekio Valley 2: NM… 35

Exotic throws salamander: near mint… dope throw… $42

Topyo Nuit: mint… $32

Yyf pop star…. Good shape not much vibe… $10

Yoyoball Plot Armor Rasta: mint… stoner throw… $SOLD

Magic yoyo aurora multicolor: needs battery changed… $15



Everything bought so far will be shipped FRIDAY… sorry ab any delays just had a baby… anything not bought before friday will likely be out Tuesday… thanks!


About to ship! Get yours shipped out insta if you message me real quick


Sending tracking in a few hours…. Everything is shipped priority mail!


Bump :slight_smile:

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Bump! Make me an offer on multiples! Let’s find these homes







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