FS: Sold, Please close

For Sale:

G2 Reaper, MIB w/ Button. $old

G2 Warthog, Good Condition, has one little scratch that blends into the colorway. $old

G2 Hawk, NMIB, One side has a little bit of fingernail vibe. $old

G2 Marval, Good Condition, has a
Little scratch that blends into colorway. $old

GeneralYo Hatrick, MIB, $old.

2Sick GrandMaster, Good Condition. Some vibe 7/10. Flat spot in one area from my dresser. GONE.

GoodLife Liberty, MIP $old. Brand new, monthly throw exclusive color.

All of these are smooth, “Good condition” (to me) means something broke anno somewhere. Listing something “Near Mint” with a scratch never made sense to me.

Good chance of getting something extra if you buy multiple yoyos.

Looking to purchase the following yoyos:

Duncan Feeehand NextGen in the Mongu variant.



Damn man I wish I would have seen this!!! I need that 7075 banshee bomber so badly!


Daaaanng this is a killer deal - someone better jump on this

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Holy heck! I’m interested in the Banshee if the current deal doesn’t go through!!


GrandMaster’s vibe is like SE (that’s SideEffect Incase you were wondering) vibe, none on the string.

Liberty is super fun.

Reaper rocks.

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Crazy deal. I’m bumping this out of respect.



Yes, prices are accurate and include shipping to the lower 48.


Holy cow these prices are on another level!!! Y’all better jump on this!!!

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They are!

If the Ti Banshee wasn’t releasing tomorrow, I would be all over those G2s.


I wonder if that has anything to do with the epic sale… :wink:

If my budget wasn’t :money_with_wings: already, I’d definitely be all over this!

Is your green reaper still available?

Would you be interested in working out a trade for any of the 3 new duncans? (7068 windrunner, metal drifter xl, exit 8).

Absolutely no trades. I have too many yoyos.

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what a steal for that hatrick

Gah I’m trying to hold out for a Green '18 Banshee…but dang I think I need your Reaper! :smiley:
What is the button?
Also, does anyone know what this yo retailed for? Can’t seem to find it anywhere through google.

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Everything but the Hatrick is currently pending payments.

Reaper went for like $90 or $100. And these are buttons, pins, doodads.



Dude, the ano on that Warthog is one of my absolute favorite colorways of any yoyo. It is probably one of, if not the most accurate looking “galaxy” colorways.


One of my favorites too.

Hoping the price ($65) will allow people to actually play them and not just look at them on a shelf.


Sorry I keep bumping this thread, but I have gotten to the point where I am not afraid to play my nice yoyos anymore. I will daily carry pretty much any yoyo in my collection. I feel confident enough in my skill set to do this now. And I know that while I don’t intentionally set out to bang up yoyos that I spent my hard earned money on, if it does happen, it’s not the end of the world.


Glitch is always like 80 100 for a grade. Splash/acidwash 100 for glitch and like 125 to 150 depending on the yoyo or less if he’s got a sale going.

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This man said ‘Absolutely no trades. I have too many yoyos.’ Sounds reminiscent of something my wife would subliminally sneak into my mind. By that I mean repeat it loud and often, until I hide whatever it is she’s nagging about so I dont have to hear it anymore. Bachelors, a good marriage is a wonderful thing. Mostly because it leads to little ones and a man suddenly becomes The Man, aka DAD. The point is, unless you found the ‘one’ and her biological clock is about to wind down, dont rush it. Cuz lemme tell ya, I cherish the few hours a week I get to myself. And once babies come… It can never go back to the way it once was… Ok thats my PSA

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