Collection cleaning sale: G2, Unprld, Hspin

I’m in the process of buying a home, so I thought I’d do some collection consolidating and get some funds together for closing/work that will need to be done. Prices include shipping. I’ll do good deals if you want multiples. Not really looking for trades at this time. Prices are all negotiable and I may have some other stuff that I post as time passes. I also have a few other random beaters I can throw in. an OG G2 Banshee, SF SK, Duncan Strix, RCS Gamer, OC’s… if you have any questions on condition or want more photos please dm me. I can provide references or rep checks if you would like as well.

More pics here: Album — Postimages

Tihawk - sold

G2 Covenant: $60. A few marks, but they are shallow. You can feel them on your fingernail when you put it to the rim, but besides that it is smooth. Great yoyo.

G2 Pelican ‘19: sold

G2 Aftershock: sold

G2 Reaper (glitch) Berries and cream: sold

G2 Respawn: sold

Unprld Recog, Scales Edition v2: $35. No damage, a few spots that look like ano flaws where there is some variance in the teal, but that’s it. Really great yoyo, but I have 2 of this colorway haha.

G2 casefile 004: $100. This one has pretty much sat in my case since I got it. There are some (2-3) very very light discolorations in the ano on the rims that I can’t get to show up in a picture, that make me think I may have hit it on my carpet or something. Absolutely no effect on the play, smooth g2 quality.

SF Wainbow Bliss - I think I decided to keep this one between uploading the photos and testing the play to make this post.

Hspin NVx - marks all around and missing a pad, but still plays pretty smooth. I love this yoyo but it’s missing a pad, I don’t like to use silicone and I just don’t find myself reaching for it. No idea what this is worth so just make me a reasonable offer haha.


Is the Recog available ?

Yes it is

Tihawk, aftershock and respawn sold :relaxed:

I’m interested in the Recog

Is the Reaper still available?

Reaper is sold sorry

I sold my NVX for about 80 if i remember correctly, not to long ago, just for reference, mine had one mark on it

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Thanks for the info!

Do you have the box for the remaining G2s?

No, sorry