FS: g2, sf, hspin

Cleaning out my cases some more to cover some vet bills. Reach out for more pics and info if you’re interested. Prices are negotiable for the most part, but don’t shoot me any crazy lowballs haha

G2 Tishee - $200 shipped. A couple small marks on one rim (it got dropped on pavement :weary:) and normal raw ti marks. It’s never been sparked and plays great. I just have a different tishee that I use more

Life - sold

G2 covenant- shallow scuffs/dings on the rims but it still plays great. $35

g2 GBP: near mint, I can’t see any damage. Really fun yoyo. $90

g2 OG elite: a couple super tiny pinpricks in the catch zone (maybe from being carried with other yoyos? idk) that have no impact on the play. $90


hspin nvx: sold

g2 capsule case: $30 or $20 with any yoyo. $10 with the tishee.

$375 for the whole lot, if you’re interested. And i’ll throw a couple extra surprises in there for you too.

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Bump, prices dropped. Make me an offer