G2 yoyo sale

G2 yo purge… not real sure on prices so just going on what I’ve seen in the past🤙🏻
RRR Covenant- a grade mib glass smooth threw just to check smoothness…$300
Deep purple A grade Gbp, new mib $80
2018 elite, purple, tiny nail vibe, 1 tiny mark that I can find I tried to capture… plays great $100
Pacific fade arbiter, 2 small marks I can find, has some vibe but plays great $90
All come in box with pin, and koozie,
Really don’t have to sell, only trades on interested in as of now is the blue blasted tishee🤙🏻
If using g&s plz cover fees & add 5$ for the ride plz,unless u buy multiple


Bumpity bump!

Gbp sold