FOR SALE - G2 smooth throws - SOLD PLEASE CLOSE


FOR SALE, both are NEW / MINT. Smooth, A-Grade. G2 is second to none, most reliable high quality I’ve seen on the market.

  • G2 Covenant in beautiful “Weathered Blue”. This is one of the newest yoyos from G2, a collaboration with YoYoExpert, and probably the smoothest yoyo that G2 has produced. It is so smooth, you often cannot feel it is turning. And so good, I have 3 of them, with a 4th one on the way. It is NEW/MINT, I use my purple Covenant most of the time. Original box included. SOLD

  • G2 Banshee - black with clear splash. This is diamond blasted, so it is very shiny. Original box included. SOLD

International ship will be a bit higher. I pack well and always ship fast. Thanks!


Bumpity Bump

Covenant love anybody? Smoothest yoyo around.

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