Best competition yoyo?

I haven’t tried the Orbital to compare but based on specs and shape I have a hard time believing it’s better for tech than the Grasshopper GTX. Wider yo-yos with that flared out wing rim shape just seem inferior to more open catch zones like the one on the Grasshopper. Yo-yos I’ve tried with similar bodies feel chunky and are more likely to make string contact with the body when executing tech stuff more quickly.

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Honestly the catch zones seem identical to me, and the Orbital GTX only seems to be a touch wider.

You’re right that simple “tech vs speed” is probably not useful here, though. The main difference to me from what I’ve felt playing them and what I’m seeing watching Janos and Tal play is that the Grasshopper GTX has this tendency to carry its momentum forward a lot more than the Orbital GTX. In the videos I linked previously, you see Janos using that a lot to transition and get into different elements. Tal seems to use more whips and hooks while popping the yoyo up. Tal definitely makes his throw move but I think the extra oomph of the Grasshopper GTX could be more useful for speed combos while the tendency of the Orbital GTX to just sit there and wait for you could be more useful for tech.

But again, I’m pretty low skill so take this all with a grain of salt.


Thanks @nonja121 you’ve been a great help I feel like the orbital is more suited for me


Best of luck!!! Also if you find you don’t like the Orbital GTX I’ve seen it on a fair few people’s want lists on the BSTs so I think you’ll be able to offload it.

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That is good info thanks


Well the grasshopper is built for one of the great tech gods

I have the grasshopper gtx and woo its amazimg for tech stuff, the width and shape are perfect for tech. The string just slides on down.