Best all around plastic yoyo.. GO!

YYR Diffusion 2


Thanks for all the input. There is some good information in here. I took a look at the yo-you that were not on my radar. That Dove sounds pretty good. I might just buy a few different models just to check them out. Hit me up if you are in Las Vegas, NV and maybe we can get together and throw.

I have the dove and the shooting star. The dove can´t grind. And to finger spin you need to be precise. The shooting star can grind very well, finger spins are way easier and can play responsive or non responsive. I would choose the shooting star over the dove. Never tried the Speedaholic XX, but also seems like a very good option.

Haven’t tried the Shooting Star but the Speedaholic XX is by far the best plastic yoyo I have thrown yet. It’s smooth and more stable than I expected from a plastic.


I dont think i have a yoyo smoother than my speedaholic xx. It is the definition of dead smooth. Maybe my freehand al comes close. But the bearing seat is TIGHT so id swap in a flat bearing to have better luck trying to get it out of the seat. I quit throwing mine because i gave up trying to get it out lol

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Best modern plastic yoyo - Skyva - gamechanger
Best value plastic yoyo - YoYoJam Classic - price/value is unbeatable
GOAT plastic yoyo (GOAT yoyo actually) - FHZ - if I would keep just one yoyo, it would be my Mongu FHZ

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Shooting Star is great.
Pom Mojo is special.
First Base is reliable has been indestructible.

New FH1 is also great but would be last on my list.


Shu’s GO! is still available and he is really good with it.


Some great plastics which you can buy at retail right now!

Yoyofriends Dove
A competitive throw at a competitive price ±$35. A little hefty (in a good way) smooth with good flow.

C3 Speedaholic XX
Best bang for buck and you can afford to really push your limits not worrying about damage or replacing it, C3 is constantly restocking this model. Light and fast, as the name suggests.

Duncan Freehand 1
A Classic for good reason. It truly feels special when you throw it. Charm and character but not as performance oriented as the rest on my list but might be the most fun.
Responsive A bearing is very nostalgic. The only midschool throw on the list.

TopYo Cloud
Hidden gem. Dead smooth, performance orientated, low walled, organic made from Delrin. Absolutely Sublime. Don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it. Especially for $25 sold at the YYE store!

Mowl Hybrid
If you know, you know. Not cheap. But a unique and special yo-yo for sure. More expensive, but great balance of fun, performance and exclusivity.

The greatest plastic there is but costs more than most metal yo-yos. At $80-$90.
Shape of Freehand 1 but made of Delrin like the Dove.
High walled, FreeHand 1 feel but with a C sized bearing and a lot more performance.
Weight distribution, form factor, fun factor, nostalgia, performance. This one truly is king of kings in my books.


2 pennies

You do not know this yet, but you will need them all.
This way you can find out the yo-yo that speakers to you. Then sell the rest to us. You now have a list of potential buyers from your post.
Win win everyone is happy and you have found the most perfect plastic for you, and redistributed the ones that did not hit the mark to those who enjoy them. Awesome

Have a great rest of the week

Replay Pro rocks, Top Yo MoJo is awesome so is the Speedaholic very good for what you are intending to use it for.


I have a yyf onestar, whip, replay pro, and a couple delrins. I will say for under $30, the Speedaholic XX is one of the best plastics today.


Speedaholic XX is the best all around plastic i have tried (so much that i ended up buying 5 of them lol)! For fingerspins alone the SKYVA is the easiest plastic to learn with (of the ones i have tried) but the XX outplays it in other areas imo. Can’t beat the price on the SKYVA though.


DocPop BoltXP is the best all arounder for me. Solid performance with a very nostalgic feel. A little bit of customization possible with the removable caps.


The Topyo Mojo is the best plastic you’ll ever get for less than $20. Buy 5 of them