Best plastic yo-yo?

Currently own a fulvia and looking to expand my collection of plastic throws as I really like the feeling of plastic.

Any other recommendations?

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Your fulvia is gonna be really hard to top. I have a feeling you wont find better, just different and equally good.

Freehand One, any variant.
Duncan Butterfly
DocPop Thing
G2 Ghost

All of those are wildly different, but beautiful examples of plastic yoyos.


I’m really happy with the fulvia I guess I’m just looking for something different


the speedaholic xx is super fast and feels great, has a finger spin dimple too and is only $30, definetly consider that. if you have more money, also consider hybrids! they have the same feel as plastics to me but perform way better


Freehand One

Imo even the best unresponsive plastics tend to just feel like worse metal unresponsive yoyos. I still enjoy playing them, but the Freehand One is a uniquely plastic yoyo. In that it’s a small bearing responsive yoyo that feels like a toy, yet is still fully capable of modern yoyo play and has the nostalgia factor of being a yoyo that the foundation of so much modern yoyo play was built off of.

For performance oriented plastic I think the Yoyorecreation Diffusion is really solid though.


All of these are nice plastic yoyo


atmos has snowberry in stock. So soft in the hand and plays very smooth! You won’t be disappointed.
From the description and I concur … it’s light, round, and mad fluffy — it’s plastic fantastic.


Clyw plastic peak is fun but be aware, does not even come close to plastic fulvia performance.
I haven’t played with one, but I haven’t heard but good stuff for recess first base. You might also wanna try yoyofriends aoe.

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I have three Freehands and a Speedaholic XX. They’re some of my favorite throws. The new PC Freehand is particularly good in my opinion.

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Speedaholic XX is great. Also can’t forget about the Freehand One either.

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If I had to choose for competition and laid back play its diffusion 2

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My favorite plastic yoyo that I have used is the Yomega Arrow. One downside is that if your preferd shape is butterfly, it may not suite you very well

This thread also has a lot of people offering opinions: What's your favorite plastic yoyo?

As a (former) fulvia owner, speedaholic and shooting star both feel pretty different from the fulvia to me. Enough that when I was whittling down I kept my speedaholic instead of the fulvia.


Pfulvia is average compared to alot of stuff yoyoemipire does

Yes I said it

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Have to plug the underrated YJ Yo-Yo Spinell


I second this. Delrin is super smoove. The Snowberry has been my favorite since I got it and what I’ve been using daily for the past 2 months also takes a beating pretty well. You cant go wrong with it.


I’ll add another vote for the Speedaholic XX. I also really like the YoYoFriends Dove.

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Yoyorecreation’s PNIR took first place as my favorite plastic today. It’s amazingly good.


It looks nice. That price tho…

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Yeah, $20 more than the Shooting Star is nothing to sneeze at. But I gotta say, I personally think it’s worth it. This thing plays better than most of my mono- and bi-metals.

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