Beater recommendations?

I’m hooked on the form factor of my Invaders Must Die, and I’d like to get a beater that’s similar in size and shape. I’m not looking for anything exact, a ballpark is fine, especially for weight. Preferably plastic and not too expensive. I’ve added a side profile picture and the dimensions for reference. Thanks in advance!


I’m really big on a yoyo that I can play with that I feel is really solid. These options are not plastic, but I think metal yoyos have a better weight distribution.

  • CLYW Boy-if you can find one

  • Duncan Haymaker Beta-Pretty solid

  • YYF Alta-Really nice throw but rare

  • YYF Ko’olau Edge-Really fun

  • Any metal duncan over $40


Those are all really great options! They’re a bit outside my price range for something I know I’ll end up dinging though. I might go with the YYF Arrow; it’s pretty darn close in terms of specs and shape.

Edit: on second thought, most of the reviews are saying that it’s not very reliable. Maybe a Replay would be better

Try the Arrow Pro!


How about this?

Or maybe this


Akita, not a beata :rofl::rofl::rofl:

edit: totally misread that…


My .02, just play what you like…once you get past the first ding you’ll be set free! Unless you intend to resell, just beat up what you actually enjoy playing.


Plastic throws normally go heavier than 64.1g to give extra stability

Topyo Mojo, C3 speedaholic XX, Skyva are all good plastic yoyos, quite affordable too

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Here is a good beater option that has similar shape and specs. I just don’t know what it is??? :grin: 24$ Shipped for an unresponsive metal!!!


The antidote plastic yo-yo has a very similar shape not sure how specs match up though

Magic yoyo node is a V shape. Cheap and effective beater IMO.

Magicyoyo Hertz. $16 plays like a $50.

Arrow is such a solid yoyo.

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