Good Throws for Cheap!

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  1. YYF Wide Angle (SOLD) - World Champion 5 Star edition. I see no damage except maybe a fine line or two in the cup engraving. Pretty darn smooth.

  2. YYF Aviator 2 (SOLD)- Strong stable throw. One minor scuff and minor vibe.

  3. Duncan AL Freehand One 42$ - Fingerspin caps installed and they feel great! Also Includes original caps. Minor to moderate vibe. No damage.

  4. One Drop Chik (PENDING) - Has some kinda cool textured silver finish that looks great and feels neat on grinds and fingerspins. Very powerful and stable stable throw. Minor to moderate vibe. No damage.

  5. Unidentified Mystery Throw 24$ - Full size. Nice colorway. No damage. Very minor vibe. This thing plays great! I’d say it’s prolly 65-66 grams. Powerful, stable and handles horizontal pretty well. Fingerspins are good. Nice V shape. I’d bet it was a 60$+ throw new, but have no idea what it is?!?

Wide Angle


AL Freehand One


Mystery Throw


Aviator and Chik sold. Price drops on the rest!!!

Wide Angle sold.

Freehand One AND Mystery throw for 60$ shipped!! That’s like buy a fingerspin freehand and get a free yoyo basically.