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  1. 2Sick Ti Rook SOLD!!!- Has some scuffs and scratches on the purple side and a light scuff on the grey side. Minor to moderate nail vibe, but don’t feel string vibe. Super fun throw that has that good Ti ring. Kinda unusual for Ti that is has a nice blasted finish and is good for fingerspins, grinds, and matador.

  2. YYF Shutter Wide Angle (PENDING) - World Champ 5 star edition! Pretty smooth and no damage, maybe a fine line or two in the engraving. I think this is the same model and color used by G. Stein to win worlds!

  3. Banana Hammock SOLD!!! - Fun full size throw. Pulls starts and fingerspins are very nice in the center circle hub. Pretty smooth and no damage.

  4. Duncan AL Freehand One 48$ - Comes with fingerspin caps installed and OG caps. Sounds hollow feels old school. Pull starts and fingerspins are very satisfying with installed caps. Has a minor to moderate vibe, but I don’t feel anything on the string. No damage.

  5. UNPRLD Flash SOLD!!! - Fast playing “flashy” bi metal. I’ve got another in pink if you want a 3A pair for 60$ total. I see one little pin prick on inside of one rim that doesn’t break anno. Minor vibe nothing you’ll care about.


Flash is mine !


Still got a Freehand AL One with fingerspin caps! Throw me an offer!

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