5a beater recommendations

So i’ve been yoyoing for a bit over a year and know a handful of 5a tricks. When i play 5a, i use the 1st metal yoyo i ever got (shutter) which is already beat, and i don’t want to keep using it and beat it beyond decent playability because i want to keep it for nostalgic value.

Anyways, I’m thinking about getting a decent, organic throw for use for 5a because i have found that organic is far more comfortable with said style.

Any recommendations for one? ideally something stable, above 43mm width, not undersized diameter, good response system, durable (this yoyo will be dropped on the floor many times during play, i’m a 5a butterfingers), and something i might be able to get for around $40 or maybe even less on the bst.
edit preferably a metal

p.s. i have nice, organic yoyos i would use, but i want to keep them in good condition.


I have heard good things about the YYR Diffusion. :slight_smile:

C3 speedaholic is worth a shot, I used one when I was first trying 5a

Duncan Torque YYF Cypher

Never tried it, but I’ve heard the MagicYoYo N12 is really good and it’s got a fairly organic shape, might be worth a shot

benchmark O or cypher on the bst

Genesis. If you look around a little while you should be able to find one for about $40.

I’m going to recommend the One Drop benchmarks. The side effect axle system is super durable and will stand up to years of 5a.

My person favorite is the 2013 H (the yoyo I used at LVO). If you really want to stick with an organic shape, go with the 2014 O. Neither of the O’s play as well as any of the other benchmarks, though.

N12 plays like shutter, organic, extremely durable (I have one, I trash it around a lot). Solid.

I notice a lot of people are not sticking to organic “O-shape” throws.
I have to agree with the previous poster with the N12
It has a very organic H shape, the weight you want for 5A, and the price you want for a beater.
If you want to spend a little more the zeekio anarchist has a very organic V shape.
I personally wouldn’t want nor recommend a straight O shape for 5A "IMO of-coarse

Sorry, I didn’t notice the organic requirement you listed.

If you want a REALLY cheap yoyo that is worth more than the cost while you wait (because it’s not the best, honestly, but it is very good for the price) I am a huge fan of the Duncan Metal Drifter. I’m not extremely skilled and have never played 5a, but I use it so much to learn on that I’ve actually gone through about 5 strings in a week with it. And that says a lot since I’m just going up the intermediate trick list right now, I mean I use the thing exclusively when I’m outside the house.

Like I said, it would probably only be until you can make up your mind and get a better yoyo in the mail, but it’s $24 at toysrus, and if you smash it into asphalt, it really is no big deal

It sounds like someone needs to pick up some poly strings ::slight_smile:

I am using slick 6 on my responsive yoyos


I’d go with a proto star man. 35, one of the best plastics I’ve ever had and I use it for 5a all the time and it works like a charm. If you want a metal beater than yeah, check out magic yoyo. Not saying their product is bad, by no means, but it’s super cheap and super nice.

YYF too hot. Its a beast of a 5a throw. they are 45 new. mine has taken a beating, anybody that knows me, will vouch for the harsh life my yoyos live.
I really like the Mg but its not a, make your life easy kinda throw. All i play is 5A, the Mg is the yoyo I use the vast majority of the time. They where just selling them for 100 on duncans website so maybe you will see them at reasonable prices on the bst.

YYF Northstar is my go to 5a yoyo, it’s pretty good concerning stability to me.