Good 5a throw?

Just wondering what good metal or hybrid that rocks 5a but is stellar at 1a also.

The best 5A yoyo I’ve ever thrown is the YoYoRecreation Mr. Butcher. I rarely throw 5A, but decided I had to break out the dice yesterday to use my Mr. Butcher the way it was intended to be used. I swear it felt better than any other yoyo I’ve ever used for 5A (that includes many favorites like the Supernova, TiWalker, CODE2, and Destiny).

You can get a YYR Mr. Butcher right here at YYE if you like, but it can be had for very, very little money elsewhere. I’ll happily PM you details if you like!

^^^ If you have money what he said.
If you have no money like me, use a strong spinning plastic or a beater metal. Dice screw up paint jobs FYI.

I like the Duncan bouncy ball better. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t ding and doesn’t get stuck as often.