In need of some advice...... Choosing 5a throw

I decide since I found my duncan CW dice that I want to try 5A, I’ve never even tried it, the dice came with a throw I bought my little nephew and I had lost it.
I’m not going to try and learn 5A with a 100$+ metal so I have these to choose from

YYJ new breed
Magic Yoyo N11
Magic Yoyo N12
Empire Sun (Delrin)

What are throws that are geared towards 5A like? Bigger and wider? Heavier? Any suggestions would help these are the throws I have that I’m willing to mess up learning 5A thanks guys

definitly a full size throw, probably on the heavier side.

I’d say myy n12

I use my magic n9.

I would say buy magic yoyo’s. they are easily disposable, and will not make you lose sleep over a ding

I play over carpet with my throws, and fear dings, but will take my t6 for a substitute to play baseball.

any of those throws are fine just depends on the weight comparison from the cw and the yoyo
too lite= no cw control
2 heavy= slows tricks down

I didn’t even think about that, I’m gonna try and find a good match, whenever I bind and have the CW in I cannot catch the Yoyo right I keep hitting my knuckles, any suggestions on that?

Just wondering… Would an echo be a good 5a throw???

I’ve had the same problem. My advice. Light throws, bind and try different ways to catch it. Kind of hard to explain, but pretty much throw light, so in case it hits your knuckles it won’t hurt, but if you find a good way stick with it.

this. I use my n9 as well. I don’t like it as a 1a throw, so I put a counterweight on it and don’t worry about it at all! Btw pretty much any MYY will be great, like Tyo said…

prepare your hand before you bind like position your thumb to get in the gap may take some practice but when you start remebering where your thumb should be it will start being easier