Bbb perspective

I just got a perspective off of the bst, how does it play?

Is this the edition Reflection?

If its the Reflection I released then Gingie has a write up here: Non-Video Gingie Reviews & Tierlist - #12 by KirbyRobot

There is also a PIF thread here where folks have written some of their reviews.


I have the PIF right now. Feels like cheating at yoyo. Thing spins forever. And I love the weight of it. Enough to feel present, but not too heavy to feel like a rock.

lol i meant perspective, oopsies. for those who are wondering this is the yoyo


in silver colorway

I enjoy mine “ish”. It plays well, the BBB graphic in the finger spin bothers me. I can feel the graphic.

I got mine in the Mystery box several months ago. The half swapped I got just bugs me. I think this might be the one I try to re-anodize myself.

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i enjoy mina a lot, it’s light, it’s wide and the one i got didn’t have an engraving in the cup. in terms of grinds it feels weird, almost as if you are doing it of a flat surface. the one i got had really snaggy flowable silicone response, but is was broken into eventually. the yoyo itself is also dead smooth and the finish is perfect. its amazing for pull starts.

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