Non-Video Gingie Reviews & Tierlist

Edition Yoyos | Reflection | A-Tier

Diameter - 56 mm
Width - 47 mm
Weight - 67g
Materials - 6061 + SS rings

The first thing I noticed was how powerful the Reflection is. It’s a very very powerful, solid spinning yoyo. It tends not to be very fast, either. Probably one of the most controllable yoyos I’ve played with, in tandem with extreme power makes the Reflection one of the best yoyos for learning new tricks. Essentially, the Reflection is a champion when you just need to sit there, looking at a screen for a second when you try to formulate what it is Yotricks or mrmatio is trying to teach you. These qualities also make it an exceptional yoyo for autopiloting and trick practice. The lack of speed with solid power and control also makes the Reflection a fairly relaxed yoyo. Super consistent, super enjoyable, and a relaxed playstyle that almost seems built for learning and practicing tricks make the Reflection a good choice for anybody that wants to expand their trick library. Some may find that the Reflection’s a little heavy and a little big though.

Play: Everyone

Power: Horse-Kick
Speed: Slow
Controllability: Easy
Stability: Built Different

Value: Average
Bind: Average
Sturdiness: Play Hard