Non-Video Gingie Reviews & Tierlist

Hi! I’m Gingie and I make review videos a lot. I don’t always have time to make a video review for a yoyo, but I still have something I wanna say. If you see a yoyo get a written review over a video review, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, super good, or unfun. They’re simply yoyos that I don’t believe I can justify making a video over.

I’ll be making posts in this thread for the reviews, and updating this main post with an immediate, uncategorized tier list. I will never double-post or post more than one review in a day.

Right away it’s important to know that these are my opinions, but I do try to approach things generally, and each yoyo will be judged under the same precedents and categories

Categories and Explanations

I’ll break down yoyos into different “play” categories, “competitive” for competitively oriented yoyos, “oldhead” for yoyos that I feel oldheads would love, and “everyone” for yoyos I feel everyone could enjoy.

Under the “play” category I will note four things of importance.

Power will be how powerful it is. I’ll give a yoyo the ranking of “anemic”, “soft”, “average”, “powerful”, and “horse-kick” in tandem with how powerful the yoyo is.

Speed is how fast a yoyo is. I’ll give a yoyo the ranking of “sluggish”, “slow”, “average”, “fast”, and “speed demon” in tandem with how fast a yoyo is.

Controllability is how controllable a yoyo is. I’ll give a yoyo the ranking of “uncontrollable”, “difficult”, “average”, “easy” and “direct control” in tandem with how controllable it is

Stability is how stable a yoyo is. Judged against horizontals and rough play, I’ll give a yoyo the ranking of “needs babying”, “gentleness advised”, “average”, “solid”, and “built different”

There will be a “value” category. Judged against materials used, and final price, I’ll give it a ranking of “terrible”, “bad”, “average”, “good” or “insane” value. The better the materials used and the lower the price, the better.

There will be a “bind” category. I’ll give a yoyo’s binds a ranking of “snaggy”, “tight”, “average”, “some slip”, “basically padless”, and “inconsistent” based on the performance of binds on a yoyo.

Finally, there will be a “sturdiness” category. I’ll give a yoyo a sturdiness ranking based on how sturdy it is. Based on axle length, materials, etc. I will give it a ranking of “play ruins it”, “be gentle”, “average”, “play hard”, and “Metal Baseball” based on how sturdy I feel a yoyo is.

I will be assigning a final letter grade to these yoyos and adding them to a tier list. Starting from F-tier at the worst to SS-Tier, the best. They will not be ordered best to worst in their respective letter grade categories, instead just oldest to newest, and I will attempt to organize them by company.

The final letter ranking will be added to a tier list on this main thread.

Some yoyos that I do not own, but have played with, whether it be at a meet or at nats, may be added to the tier list ranking without review. Yoyos that I formerly owned may be added to the tier list ranking without review.

Tier List

SS Tier

Duncan GTR-JS
Dressel Designs Monarch
Dressel Designs Emotion
Yoyofactory Miracle
OPYoyos Absurdity

S Tier

Yoyorecreation 2014 Sleipnir
OneDrop Rebirth
(Secret) (Secret)
Edition D2 v1
Duncan Grasshopper GTX 2.0
CLYW Klondike
Asteria Yoyos Star Trail
Independent Group TiSS Draupnir
Yoyofactory x JDS JDS Shutter
Yoyofactory Boost
Yoyofactory Edge 2022
Yoyofactory R4
C3Yoyodesign Galaxy Diver 7075v2
C3Yoyodesign Galaxy Diver 6061
C3Yoyodesign Hydrogen Crash
Japan Technology Jugemu
Yoyofriends Shortcut
Yoyofriends Monometal Pheasant
Mk1 Yoyos Brass Exia
Turning Point Anubis
Turning Point Awoken Anubis
Turning Point BGM
OPYoyos Polybius

A Tier

OneDrop Rev 1
OneDrop Rally
OneDrop Wyvern
OneDrop Kuntosh (OG)
OPYoyos 543
OPYoyos Unannounced Proto
UNPRLD Abduction
Heaven Sent Creep
Asteria Yoyos Night Sky
iYoyo Iceberg (Classic)
iYoyo HiDra
Luftverk Fulvia Ti-7068
Luftverk Plastic Fulvia
Edition Yoyos Reflection
SF Movement
SF Cadence
SF Ti Cadence
Basecamp Navigator
Yoyofactory Essence
Yoyofactory IQ
Yoyofactory OG Edge
Yoyofactory Pragma
Yoyofactory 7075 Pragma
Yoyofactory Rockstar 2023
Yoyofactory Dogma
Yoyofactory Aviator 2
Yoyofactory Edge Ultimatum
Ensoyoyos Equanimity
Mowl Surveillance (new version)
C3Yoyodesign Digamma Crash
C3Yoyodesign Cyber Crash
C3Yoyodesign Socius
C3Yoyodesign Hobbit Gungnir
C3Yoyodesign Speedaholic Max
C3Yoyodesign Speedaholic XX
C3Yoyodesign Robot
C3Yoyodesign 7068 Radius
Thesis Invictus
Thesis Da Capo
Yoyofriends Tachyon
Yoyofriends Nucleon
CLYW Plastic Peak
CLYW Wildfire
CLYW Borealis 1
CLYW Blizzard
CLYW Otter
CLYW Compass
CLYW Big Dipper
Yotricks Winter Solstice
Yotricks Summer Solstice
Yotricks Civility v3
MK1 Diffraction v3
Hydrangea Magnolia
Hydrangea Laurus
Rebellion Qilin
Yoyorecreation Draupnir
Yoyorecreation MN Autoscopy
YJYoyos Roll Machine
YJYoyos Metal of the Future
YJYoyos Chimera (Unknown old version)
Turning Point MSG
Turning Point Hinemosu
Turning Point Collapsar
Atmos Stormberry
ZGRT Brasi Don

B Tier

OneDrop Lunar Eclipse
OneDrop Kamurajiu
A-rt Grail
sOMEThING Anglam CC (Outer Rim Version)
sOMEThING Anglam Pinnacle
CLYW Borealis 2
CLYW Slzzrd
CLYW Akita
CLYW Beater
CLYW Manatee
CLYW Chief
CLYW x OneDrop Summit
Dressel Designs x Damien Puckett Fusion SS
OPYoyos x Knotcreators Typo
OPYoyos Peach
OPYoyos x MK1 Converge
Dressel Designs 50/50
Dressel Designs Assassin
Luftverk x Magicyoyo Skyva
SF Motive
G-Squared Yoyos Ti-Banshee
TopYo Silenus
TopYo Pom Mojo
YJYoyo Zephyros
C3Yoyodesign Krown St. 7068
C3Yoyodesign Berserker Decade
Turner Return Tops Buoy!
Rebellion Gazer
Rebellion Invaders Must Die
Yoyorecreation Chopsticks Gorilla
Yoyorecreation Overdrive Draupnir
Yoyorecreation SYFO
iYoyo Firrox 6061 v1
MK1 Spyglass
MK1 Exia
Thesis Aventus
Thesis Hypothesis v2
Magicyoyo/Madhouse REX
Turning Point Palp ES
Turning Point St. Elmo
Turning Point Colony
Turning Point Counter Jet
Turning Point Leviathan 8
Turning Point ASTer
Turning Point Acanthus
Turning Point Cetus
Yoyofriends Hummingbird
Ineffable Throws Saber
Yoyofactory Horizon
Yoyofactory Wedge 2.0
Yoyofactory Metavity
Yoyofactory Ko’olau Edge
Yoyofactory Protostar
Yoyofactory x Turning Point Cypher
Yoyofactory x Turning Point Ex Machina
Yoyofactory x Yotricks Atlas
Atmos Cloudberry
Atmos Goji

C Tier

OneDrop Terrarian
CLYW Beartrap
CLYW Kodiak
CLYW Monometal Kodiak
CLYW Canvas
CLYW x Luftverk Alpine
Dressel Designs Kanto
OPYoyos Balloon
SF Bliss (Unsure what version)
SF x Zipline BMC
TopYo Patronus
TopYo Colossus VI
Basecamp Expedition
Yoyofriends Baryon
UNPRLD Elevation
Duncan Grasshopper GTX
Duncan GTR
iYoyo Firrox 7075
iYoyo Pyro X
Yoyofactory Shutter
Yoyofactory Replay Pro
Yoyofactory Northstar Fingerspin
Yoyofactory Northstar
Yoyofactory Uppercut
Yoyofactory Wedge
Yoyofactory Space Cadet
Yoyofactory Nine Dragons
Yoyofactory Switchblade
Yoyofactory KO
Yoyofactory Flame
Turning Point Mustang
Turning Point Soul
Turning Point Acanthus S
Yotricks Canon
Thesis Antithesis
Rebellion Acro
Rebellion Butcher
Yoyorecreation Optima
Yoyorecreation Gotham
Yoyorecreation FYFO
Yoyorecreation Valkyrie (New Version)
Yoyorecreation Inevitable
Yoyorecreation Toru 0.9
Magicyoyo N12 Sharks Honor
Goodlifeyoyos Breeze
Atmos Khuno

D Tier

OneDrop 1to1
OneDrop Yelets
Magicyoyo N8
CLYW Metal Yeti
CLYW Peak 2
Thesis x 2sick Paladin Proto
Turning Point Absinthe
Turning Point Hades
Turning Point Big Bimetal Prototype
Yoyofactory Bimetal Shutter
Yoyofactory Metal Arrow
Japan Technology Shade
Thesis Omniscient

F Tier

Atmos Fruit Loop
Yoyorecreation Comic Sans
Turning Point Naja

214 Yoyos

*to be expanded and added upon


I always enjoy your reviews! Thanks for all of this. I’m sure your rankings will be held in high regard.

What does S and SS stand for? Can you expand on how each falls into their respective ranking?

Can we send you throws to be reviewed?


I can dig this format - I’m surprised I haven’t seen more tier-lists in regards to yoyos considering how popular in other communities it is. I have wanted to do brand specific tier lists for AWHILE now myself, the thing that’s holding me back though is getting some key/specific yoyos for each brand that I know people will want on the list.


Ty, and we’ll see lol. I’ve found some people to think I’m pretty controversial lol.

Made SS tier and S tier separate because SS is essentially just the next level of greatness.

S tier is greatness, hall of fame stuff for me
SS is above that.

As much as I’d love for people to send me throws for review, I’d have a hard time shipping stuff back after I get it because of how busy/forgetful I can be.


Eyyy monarch SS


Are the tiers, SS-F, just your feeling or are they placed there based on some calculation of the performance criteria you laid out? Some sort of score I guess is what I’m thinking. G score = shape(power + speed + controlability + stability) + value + bind + sturdiness :slight_smile:


Feeling and just trying to remember how’d they score with my system.

Harder with some, easier with others.

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Reflection made A tier, an honor

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Awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I know the “best” or an SS tier yo-yo is very subjective, I’ve always wanted to see what the community believed to be the best of the best. I hope others will chime in on this post and corroborate your placing of some of these yo-yos. Especially the throws in the SS tier!

Also, I subscribed to your Youtube channel. Really enjoy the content you are putting out. Keep up the great work!!


Your F rating of the Fruitloop makes me want it more lol


This concept is great.

There will always be controversy on subjective content.

The trick is to turn Subjective/Qualatative information into Quantitative information.

This is typically done with a spreadsheet type rating system. Columns for qualities, then Odd number Values applied to each section.

Example- Gap Width - 1 for Narrow, 3 for Standad, 5 for wide. (Obviously this can be a easy one with setting the physical numbers to the yoyos physical stats).

But with this information; a narrow gap may not be your cup of tea, but it would/could be for someone else.

Using information you apply values too wheter you like it or not could be the exact information for others.

Just a thought.

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Edition Yoyos | Reflection | A-Tier

Diameter - 56 mm
Width - 47 mm
Weight - 67g
Materials - 6061 + SS rings

The first thing I noticed was how powerful the Reflection is. It’s a very very powerful, solid spinning yoyo. It tends not to be very fast, either. Probably one of the most controllable yoyos I’ve played with, in tandem with extreme power makes the Reflection one of the best yoyos for learning new tricks. Essentially, the Reflection is a champion when you just need to sit there, looking at a screen for a second when you try to formulate what it is Yotricks or mrmatio is trying to teach you. These qualities also make it an exceptional yoyo for autopiloting and trick practice. The lack of speed with solid power and control also makes the Reflection a fairly relaxed yoyo. Super consistent, super enjoyable, and a relaxed playstyle that almost seems built for learning and practicing tricks make the Reflection a good choice for anybody that wants to expand their trick library. Some may find that the Reflection’s a little heavy and a little big though.

Play: Everyone

Power: Horse-Kick
Speed: Slow
Controllability: Easy
Stability: Built Different

Value: Average
Bind: Average
Sturdiness: Play Hard


F for Fuitloop? @KirbyRobot , I take back everything nice I said about you. Scrap the whole project. Just kidding, your tiers will definitely spark some good conversation.

I like Fruitloop but it does indeed take some finesse. Come to think of it, it’s the audible feedback along with the texture that I like. Two categories that aren’t ranked here so no wonder.


Love this idea. And not only because of the justified feeling I felt seeing some of my favorites in the top tiers, lol.


Yeah, the only Fruitloop I’ve played with I just despised. Reminded me of a comic sans but smaller and more blocky.

Y’all remember what happened to that Comic Sans.

added Metavity, Kodiak, 7068 Radius to tierlist*

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Motion? @KirbyRobot :wink:


Hey if you wanna send me something, send me a pm or sum

But like, disclaimer above about how I’m slow to reship because I’m busy/forgetful. Edition knows.


Looks like Butter dropped at tier or 2. I’d like a recount! :rofl:.

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This makes me want to try the Comic Sans actually haha, I really enjoy the Fruit Loop.


I wanna try a Butter again lol. The current ranking is based on the last time I played with one which was ~2 years ago. I just remember it being super heavy and sluggish, and that I spent way too much money on it. Maybe I’d think different now tho :man_shrugging: