Non-Video Gingie Reviews & Tierlist

I highly recommend bringing a baseball bat afterwards


:star: Duncan Yoyos | GTR-JS | SS Tier :star:

Diameter - 55.86mm
Width - 47.15mm
Weight - 63.81g
Materials - 6061 + SS Rings

This is one of the best yoyos currently available on the market. When this yoyo dropped, initially I wasn’t super interested just because I thought it was a simple re-spec of the GTR with a nipple. I had heard it was a great yoyo from people around me, but it wasn’t until I decided, out of pure curiosity, to cop one while attending the US National Contest in 2022. As time would go on with the GTR-JS, I would increasingly notice just how incredibly good it was. It has never felt sluggish, it’s always felt nimble and easily maneuverable. When I bought it, I was worried maybe it’d be slightly anemic and unstable because of how light it was in spite of its size; no sir! The power is solid and the stability is INCREDIBLE for a yoyo under 64 grams. Quite possibly one of the most objectively approachable and well-playing yoyos. There’s almost nothing I would change about this yoyo. It’s extremely well-designed. Not cumbersome or uncontrollable, while having a comfortable shape. The GTR-JS is one of the best bimetals if you hate that gross, almost sluggish rim-weighted feeling. I have monometals that have a more prevalent rim-weighted feeling. The way it controls, in tandem with the fact that it feels as if there’s not much of a tradeoff between the weight and the size, makes it a seriously incredible yoyo. Generally, I’d rate a yoyo with such competitive viability as a “competitive” yoyo, but due to a not very prevalent rim-weighty feeling and a comfortable shape, I feel as if oldheads can really enjoy the GTR-JS as much as competitors. Casual play feels incredible on it, and any competitor can thrash out insane combos on the GTR-JS. There’s a reason most of the Duncan team used this as Nats this last year. Out of pure love and knowledge that this yoyo is built for every style of play, I bring it everywhere with me as often as I can. The only bad thing I’ve heard was one friend mentioning he had to press in the rims because of one harsh ding, but I’ve never had to do anything like that, and I plinked it against cement on the train platform. Buy it.

Play: Everyone

Power: Powerful
Speed: Fast
Controllability: Direct Control
Stability: Built Different

Value: Average
Bind: Average
Sturdiness: Average

Beater moved to S tier, Otter moved to A tier*


Very cool! I love this idea. Maybe I missed it, but where is the master list located?

The tier list is in the main post :slight_smile:

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LOL. I thought those were “Bullets”. Guess they are “Drop Downs”.


RiP yyr comic sans

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a multitool of sorts, whether its for yoyoing enjoyment or baseball practice, it does both pretty well


@KirbyRobot I’m curious where you would put Shutter Wide Angle. Thanks.

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I’ve genuinely never had the chance to play with one, lol. Just never considered buying one and no one I know’s owned one for me to try.

Added the Toru 0.9 to the tierlist*


What happened to that comic sans? I wanna see it.


I’m scared to see the remains of it now :laughing:

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I’m also worried if the economy ds bearing from the comic sans has been trashed :smiling_face_with_tear:

Be sure to bump so I can write a review :blush:

The comic sans a string ball holder. I harvested the DS out of it day one I think lol. Now it has a stripped axle and is all kind of bent out of whack.


Man, you really went at it with the baseball bat. Do you have a video of you whacking it?

Theres one on his yyr mystery box video at the end part.


Thanks! That’s awesome, I’m gonna have a look later.


hopefully kengo won’t see the last part :rofl:


C3Yoyodesign | Speedaholic XX | A Tier

Diameter - 57.95mm
Width - 46.15mm
Weight - 66.5g
Materials - Machined Polycarbonate

There’s a ton of hype around this yoyo, it’s probably one of the most popular plastics out right now, and honestly, I can see why. I had tons of people recommending this one to me, telling me it’s right up my alley. To a degree they’re correct, but I think I let some of the hype get to my head and I was expecting something that physically cannot exist, so I was and am still kinda disappointed. It’s a great yoyo by all means, but I was just expecting more. Like I was expecting a more solid feeling and rim-weighty feeling yoyo since those are usually the types of yoyos I obsess over. For a yoyo that weighs 66g with a lot of weight in the rims though, it really doesn’t feel super rimweighted or heavy. It actually feels super light. The Speedaholic XX is probably one of the most maneuverable, light-feeling yoyos I’ve owned and played with in a while, but it comes with the tradeoff that it’s really difficult to control and not as powerful as I usually enjoy. The speed and maneuverability are the main appeals behind this one I feel like. If you really dislike rimweighted feeling yoyos while it’s still fast and maneuverable, check out the Speedaholic XX. For the $30 price point, it has an insane amount of competitive viability and accessibility, I’d say this is one of the best if not the best pure plastic on the market right now.

Play: Competitive

Power: Average
Speed: Speed Demon
Controllability: Difficult
Stability: Average

Value: Insane
Bind: Some Slip
Sturdiness: Play Hard

Diffraction v3 moved up a tier from A-tier to S-Tier, Plastic Fulvia added to A-Tier*


I should check these forums more. What a great list! I love this idea. Thanks, Gingie!