asking someone out via yoyo?

not sure if this should go here, or unrelated… but whatever. lol
so I was wondering if anyone knew of some way to ask a girl out… by yoyoing. or yoyo-nading them as my friend puts it. (serenade, but with a yoyo).
only thing I could think of would be to spell it out with the string. lol

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Or just be straight forward and ask them?
Really, yoyos don’t have to be a part of everything you do, just ask them out.



yoyoing might, with time, give you some extra confidence that would help you, eventually, ask a girl out.

maybe a girl will come to you while playing and start talking to you, but you want the girl to be with you, and you don’t want that “you” to just be “a yoyo player”.

You got some other qualities than yoyoing, be aware of your qualities, be aware of who you are, then you can go and ask some girl out.

still, I think that would be a good idea.
Girl love unique things.

A heart picture trick would be a good idea.

I agree, BUTyou shouldn’t rely on the yoyo to do the talking. Alexis JV teaches how to do a good heart on his tutorial of the trick “I love eiffel tower” on youtube, if you do want t learn a heart trick.

I do believe it was Andre who said if you want to impress a girl spin top is the way to go. (correct me if i’m wrong)

whenever i yoyo in school the girls are like wow that is so awesome… and they ask me to do more

The advise above is good. Chicks in highschool used to dig my car, a 1967 Cadillac hearse. I found most of the time they were intimidated by my crass style (mowhawk, kilt, tattered suit jacket etc). A lot were only interested because I had a “cool car”

I found it was a great “ice breaker” but that was it. It was obvious and there. It gave us something to talk about for that awkward first conversation. If a dame is super interested in your skills (chicks dig guys with sweet skills). Offer to show them sometime. Write your number down and give it to them. Don’t ask for theirs. You have to make the ladies come to you or you will get tired of running.

You can have me anyday.

Ah, I remember that too! Can’t remember where I heard him say it though :’(

It was in an interview. I remember him talking about that too. lol

and I just thought that it would be a unique idea, using one of my talents to do it. lol
but perhaps just asking her would be better

I love you.

a yoyo can’t talk.

you should do it youself.
I never said that if you do heart ticks, a girls would instantly falling for you.

You could make custom caps saying something like “will you go out with me?” and hand them the yoyo…

Never ever ever… Ever use the phrase/question “will you go out with me” or any other similar phrase. Even if a girl is interested in you that’s a deal breaker. It’s like kicking baby seals.

You had me at kicking baby seals.

what would you suggest?
I’m relatively new at this. lol

Ehhh, you need to get out more. There is life besides yoyos.

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That is the great conundrum of life my friend. “will you go out with me?” and “we’re just friends” are the same as GAME OVER. They mean you loose. Just give them your number like it’s no big deal and tell them to give you a call if they want to hang out with you. Exactly how you break the ice is up to you. Don’t worry about being a dork or whatever. You should make them quake when you talk to them not the other way around. (sorry if this comes of as alpha male lol). Like I said before you can use your skills as a tool but rely on yoyos to get a chick.

It should also be duly noted that your bros come first. Never let them get between you or your friends.

wait… there is? o.O

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