Are you an introvert?

According to this article, there is no doubt that I am…

Absolutely, no doubt about it. That article was talking about me.

apparently i am as well surprise there.

I’m not much for huffington but I am mostly introverted but around the right people I have no introverted tendencies.

That’s an introvert. lol.

I’d say I am.

Extrovert here, sorry guys haha.

Same, although I am an introvert for some things.

Definitely an introvert. Quite a few of those categories were descriptive of me. Sometimes, I get anxiety from even communicating via PM here on YYE, or talking to close friends. A lot of times, I just feel like the “weight” of the conversation is on me.

I know right especially the friends that talk way too much

Half of these apply to me and the other half are totally irrelevant to me. ???

Most definatly an extrovert

mostly introvert.

Sorry guys im a total extrovert 100%

I’m in the middle. Although I hate writing unless it’s a rant. In science class we had to do a story and use 20 vocab. words. She said we could write whatever we wanted. So I decided to take her up on that and write a huge rant on font choice. I touched on how comic sans needs to be eradicated and how I believe the best font is Baskerville. I also made it seem really serious so it was a lot of funny.

I’d say I’m an introvert who passes as extroverted for the most part; but some of the signs in that article don’t apply to me. I’m pretty good at small talk and don’t find it cumbersome. But I do lose energy from it and much prefer meaningful talk (who wouldn’t?).

That’s just one example. A few others don’t apply to me either. But in general I gain my energy from “me time” and spend energy when I’m with other people.

I think a lot of people with family and young kids find anything extra in their calendars drains them, though. I mean, you’re “on” with your family ALL. THE. TIME. I think even many “primarily” extroverts would value using much of their downtime to relax instead of go to yet another location to talk with more people. Even if you find such events generally energizing, you’ve gotta be “Oh man… it’s our first Saturday without the kids in 3 months… wanna just go on a date together?” instead of “wanna meet up with our friends?”

Or am I wrong and that’s just a sign of my introversion? :wink:

Well I guess I am an introvert too. That article described me perfectly.

I am 110% an introvert.

Based on that I’d say I’m an extrovert.

I don’t believe a lot of articles like that though. It says something such as number six, “You’re easily distracted,” and it makes you start thinking about times you’ve been distracted but you start to ignore times that you wern’t so you start to believe that you are easily distracted but in fact you might not be. A lot of the signs in this article do that type of thing.

But don’t get me wrong, some of you may naturally be an introvert or an extrovert and that’s fine. Just don’t blindly start believing you’re something you’re not based off of something you read on the internet.

INFP reporting in.