Please, I don't like being crowded around. (Rant about wanting to be left alone)

Why don't girls understand when you wanna be left alone? I'm a very solitary person. They got interested in me because I was being quiet. Then, they decide to crowd around me. Furthermore,(I'm in a choir, we had this idiot girl choir as guests) on a STAGE you DO NOT crowd around people, even if it's intermission.
    More so, I TOLD them to "Please, you're making me uncomfortable, please leave me alone...".
When we were backstage, same thing, I was standing up against a door, and I was *Hmm, should I go through JUST to get away?* (I didn't, we were about to go onstage).
I mean, they weren't being mean or rude, it was just unconfortable for me. I'm not a guy that goes and looks for girls, nor do I want them around me (Basically, if I don't know you, I generally don't want to strike a conversation in real life)... It's just REALY awkward for me...
The best part is SOMEONE with a grain of sense that is trying to talk to me says "Girls, I think he's uncomfortable.". Another replies "Nah, impossible.". Jeesh, learn to read your body language people. When someone has their face in thier hands, and speaking softly, they PROBABLY dont want to be talked to. 

In closing, the internet in some cases is better, you can just leave that chatroom, or hit “IGNORE”.


girls may be human… but they are a speices of their own… for better AND worse


Heh, good way to put it.


I know what you mean I hate when people bother me. People stink. :-\ Not us though


nothing against em… just they programed different

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its not that im anti social its just everyone around me is stupid


for me it’s both :stuck_out_tongue:


i hate when theres girls that follow you everywhere because they like you and they dont understand u dont like them and you want them to leave you alone

and then when u tell them u wanna be left alone they get all mad at you even tho you didnt do anything


And they are super annoying. There was somebodey like that at my school last year I HATE her she is super annoying


Girls crowding around, hmmm, that’s a terrible problem. :wink:


Start picking your nose, and acting all gross and weird, that will solve your problems.




Hmm, what is a gentleman if he does not enjoy the company of the females which exuberantly attempt to crowd and gain either acceptance or friendship which in turn may end up being a future spouse or just temporary companionship? One must question such things. Such is life 8)


Gee thanks, It’s not the specific gender, it’s meeting new people in general. I’m fine with performing in front of thousands of people, but actually conversing with them, no thanks.

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I’ll be nice to females. But if they’re guys who want to talk, I won’t let body language do the trick for me. I’ll just straight up tell them that I’m not interested in talking with them, or just say I am contaminated with a fatal illness


well, heres a few… Ebola, aids, mrsa, leprosy…


Just think…if a guy was stalking a girl like that, he would get into trouble for “harassment” or stalking. Double standards. Yeah.

I wish I could tell you that girls get less annoying as they age…but that’s a lie. They just turn into annoying, psychotic, superficial, vengeful creatures of the dark side when they get older…for lack of a better word. ::slight_smile:


When I’m working, I need my personal space, even though I often work bunched up and cornered out of necessity.

Just ask people to give you some space and you should be fine.