was bored


I was bored so i wrote this

I used to like being alone,
just alone and on my own;
I’d sit at ‘ome an’ fool around,
not connected and not bound,
doing whate’er I liked behind closed doors.
Now when I try that for a bit
I get bored out of my wits –
can’t find anything to fool ‘round with no more.

Now at school there’s gals an’ guys,
and e’ery day ‘olds a surprise.
You see, at school we are a clan,
and e’ery woman an’ each man
plays their part for better or for worse;
lessons an’t always entertaining
(certainly not when it’s raining)
but we share our laughing at the given course.

Come ‘ome, get my ‘omework done
an’ it’s time for a bit of fun –
can’t think of anything to do
but somehow I’ll pull myself through
another day that’s far too long to fill;
‘Ow does one call it a day
if one’s already gone away -
gone ‘ome where life can be too quiet an’ still?

Should I compose another song?
No, that’s bound to go all wrong;
so should I play another game
or, say, come up with a new name
or listen to some funky piece again?
Wha’I used to do when I’m all free
can’t make a ‘appy man o’ me


Nice dude, I enjoyed it! ;D