What can I do. Done with video games n yoyo got boring after a few hours




I guess juggling gets boring quick for me though… I suck so that’s why


Card tricks?

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Finger tut


burn paper. i love that! im pyro :wink:


also go on a nice more than 10 mile bike ride. next thing you know you just killed 2+ hours! also go with friends. random conversation speeds things up! also try cooking. kills at least 30 minutes (1:30 a day, if you eat all three meals)

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #8

Make chocolate milk ,juggle ,or you can play with your pet. :slight_smile:


My dog is like a cat and doesn’t like toys. She is a wierd animal.


Eat paper. Lick trees. Hug a random girl. Help an old lady cross the street. (Make sure she wants to first)


Ask your mom what she wants you to do, be nice. Be creative. Try drawing or other forms of art. Pictures? You decide. Whatever you do have fun. Only boring people get bored. Spice up your life a bit! (Try some spicy peppers. :wink: )


Try to make a video game.


Mess with terminal of you have a Mac.


You could find some telnet MUD servers and try to play one. You’ll probably burn a couple hours trying to move around effectively.

On a more productive note try learning python.


You could hack into NASA. :wink:

(WildCat23) #15

yes. It’s very hard and time consuming.


Do this. :wink:


teach someone else to yoyo.


make a flamethrower with a can of axe(the spray deoderant) and a stick lighter! i like to kill flys and stuff with it. again im pyro lol! :smiley:


or get some canned air and turn the can upside down. it shoots a blast of dry ice from the nozzle. again i use that to kill flys and stuff :smiley: hey
darkadlermagic3 lol remember that hahahahhaha cough freeze dog poop cough