Awkward Moments


Well tell the story of your awkward moment. As soon as this thread picks up I’ll share mine!


Many awkward moments in my life.
One the more recent ones is when my friend forced me to explain then word “fap” to him.
I hate that guy so much.


turtleyo=brother=horizontal=smack in the face


One time I did this thing, and it was embarrassing!

Just kidding, I really can’t think of any embarrassing things. I just kind of take everything in stride, so I don’t really feel awkward very often.


A bunch of girls asked me to yoyo for them also last year all my teachers asked me to to come to one of the teachers rooms next insted of one teacher i thought there was one but all 5 came and asked me to yoyo at this acution that we have every year.(fake money) so i did in front of the whole school.(I choked all most)


I got into an argument with these two kids about who’s the best Naruto character. I said Kakuzu, one kid said Kiba, the other said Jiraiya.
I then asked them what episode they where on. They said 112 because they watch the english version on the Disney channel. Because I watch the normal english subtitled version, I was WAY ahead of them. I then leaned down to their level and whispered,
“Kakashi dies in episode 148.”
Both of them started crying while I ran as fast as I could to get away from their parents.


Kakuzu probably is also my favorite character. I stopped watching the episodes and instead just read the manga.

The most awkward moment in my life is when I was at the public library, I needed to go to the bathroom, a kid was in there and didn’t lock the door… Yeah, it’s self explanatory.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

I was on the bus and its a pretty long bus, so I went all the way to the back and was by myself for quite a while. Then this girl and two guys get on the bus and go to the back near me also. One guy had a camera which I thought was odd but I didn’t pay any attention to them.
The bus went on and soon it was pretty much empty except for me and the three nearby, plus some person at the very front talking to the bus driver as they went on.

Anyways, I glanced over, and noticed that the guy with the camera was recording the other guy and girl and they were making out and whatever.
So I was like: Well this is awkward, so I just ignored them.

Then I realized that the couple was going WAYYY beyond just kissing and things were getting pretty intense. And now I understood why that guy had a camera.

So I just tried to block it out the rest of the ride home and just listen to my ipod.
My stop finally arrived and quickly got off.

Sheesh, people…public?



Jeez! And the bus driver didnt say anything?

(Jei Cheetah) #10

Can’t see all the way in the back, its a super long bus, and it bends in the center


Wow. Cant beleive there are people so twisted as to film something that rhymes with corn in public…or anywhere


Did anybody ever sit in that seat again?


Check out the starlight thread.


Doing some 57+12 on the bus?
But srsly, that would be nasty to be near. Feeling sorry for you.


Lol just remembered this one haha. So I was watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (aweshum movie) and this couple was making out right infront of my frieds and I. After the second hour (exaggeration) a mother gave them quite the scolding and two cinema managers escorted them out. The word “children’s movie” means nothing to people these days.


I was with my girlfriend at the movies watching the new twilight(why did I ever agree to that is beyond me…) and since the theater was empty except for us we sat at the too and she was just leaning on me and half way through the movie a bunch of old ladies come up and sit all around us and tell us to have decency(we were barely leaning on each other!!). Guat. Was pretty awkward


There seem to be a lot of “children themed” stuff being invaded by adolescent people nowadays.


That would have been really awkward. Sorry you had to witness that. Hope their baby doesn’t turn out like that :wink:


diga doo doo ahh diga doo doo ahh, another awkward moment


Okay, so I was at ihop new years eve as part of an allnighter for my church. me and some of my friends sit down at a table. a couple minutes later, a couple guys walk in, high like you wouldn’t believe, swearing like fiends and sit next to our table. The whole time we had to just sit and bite our tongues. I almost punch that guy in the face when he says ‘What the blank are these blank blank blanky church kids doing here at 5 in the morning?!’ It gets so bad, with him screaming horrible words at the waiter, that he gets kicked out before he recieves his food.
Then, outside, he and this girl start to get in a fight. >:(

Goodness, gracious, people…Try not to have so much beer as to end up like this guy and his friends, or better yet try to resist overall if u can.