10 character minimum

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Question: Why? Why is this a thing? What purpose does it serve?


I posted about the same thing :+1: It is supposed to aid in discussions versus short answers. I understand the point but also feel the pain.

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Yea, but do any other conversations in life have 10+ character stipulations?

Like on the phone, or face to face, or text messaging, etcetera.

This rule kind of ruins the organic flow of conversation imo. Especially if we have to add [10 character minimum] at the end of a single word reply to make it acceptable.

Especially when conversations start to fizzle out. It just feels like it’s forcing compliancy where it’s not really necessary most times.


It has been changed to FOUR characters as of today. YEA!!!

My position has consistently been that an idea or response can be suitably conveyed in significantly less than 10 characters.

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Oh, well this is much more reasonable haha. Cool!




Yeah this is so much better!




And now if you want to say no just say nope?


I remember waaaaay back when I was much younger; keying in 10 characters was a piece a cake.

But now that I am much older; the 10 character rule was: sapping my energy, killing my enthusiasm, raising my stress level and blood pressure, affecting my sleep pattern, stealing quality moments I spent on other things, making me feel as though my free will was being compromised by ‘authority’ and making my favorite food dishes to taste just plain and ordinary simply because doin the 10 precipitated a physiologically induced lackadaisical doledrum mindset resulting in convoluted synapses.

I was a wreck.

Now we are back to 4 and I’m taking off my straight jacket tomorrow and going out and getting some Sun.

The future certainly looks brighter at the moment.

And just in time for the Holiday season.

Life is good…


Ok. Thanks, Doc’.



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I wish we could say lol but that is 3 characters and not 4 :slightly_frowning_face:

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@codinghorror @yoyodoc

You forgot to mention that it gave me alopecia, and every time I had to compensate for a lack of ten words [or even read someone else’s compensations], I let out an uncontrollable, high pitch squeal [kind of like when a belt starts slipping in your car] that started lasting longer and longer as the exposure to this rule grew. My boss almost fired me, because he couldn’t stand the sound of me participating in this forum in my spare time. But I explained the ten character rule, and he was so blown away that he too began to wail [his was similar to a humpback whale song] every time he heard me squeel.

My co-workers all began to make terrible sounds too. One of them let out rapid successions of “yips” at the top of her lungs, another released a terrifying, low, guttural death gurgle. Another laughed maniacally [like lieutenant Dan when he was tempting the storm out on the shrimp boat]. One guy even went full on “Barber of Seville”.

Needless to say, work had gotten… weird. And add to it the fact that we all worked at a Mrs. Field’s in a mall courtyard… You get the picture.

The ten character rule was also affecting my marriage. My wife got so tired of me complaining about it that she stopped cuddling me at night. And I need to be cuddled at least 6 hours a night. I’ve had to build up a wall of pillows that runs the length of the bed just to back into as I sleep so I can feel sufficiently cuddled.

This morning, I was eating a bowl of cereal and checking in on the forum, and saw that the rule had been changed to a four letter min, I froze. Mouth full of cereal, I said “Honey! You won’t believe it! It’s been changed!”

She said, “What, ten character minimum?”

I spewd out my mouth full of cereal, got up and ran to the bathroom where she was brushing her teeth, grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face me. I looked her in the eyes and said in a low, quiet, quivering vice “Honey! The rule! On the yoyoexpert forum! The ten character minimum rule! It’s bee-”

She cut me off before I could finish “Oh for the love of Pete, smileyPANTS!” She yelled. Kind of spitting toothpaste in my face, she barked “You’re always going on and on about this stupid ten character minimum rule! But have you done anything about it?! Have you talked to the mods?! Have you actual-”

Smiling, I stopped her by hushing her lips with my TH index. With tears welling in my eyes, I said with a quivering voice “Honey, I did contact the mods. Last night, I wrote this post”. I showed her this post on my phone. Still in a quivering, quiet voice “Babe, the rule has been changed! They changed it to a four letter minimum!”

I had tears rolling down my face at this point. She dropped her toothbrush on the floor, wrap her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. Foamy toothpaste everywhere, getting all over my face. She looked at me in the eyes as she began to cry and said “Oh smileypants707, is it true?”

I said “Yes ten character minimum.”

I paused briefly, and looked off into the distance with a very regal facial expression. I looked back into her eyes and said “Yes.”

She embraced me and said “Let’s go cuddle, I’ll cuddle you baby. I’m so proud of you for being a real man and talking to the mods about the ten character minimum rule.”

So as I’m typing this out, my wife is cuddling me for the first time in 3 months. We both called in sick to work today just to cuddle all day. I’m wearing my favorite jammies, and we are enjoying looking through the BST together. I can now bump my own BST post with just the word bump! And I don’t have to look at people’s compensation for a lack of communicating something that takes less than ten characters!

Today, is the first day of the rest of my life. I can’t wait to see what my boss says about this!

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[4 character minimum]



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It’s so easy to get to 4 characters now that I know this trick. Thank you!

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Definitely rings true!:rofl:


I like that most all modern forums have done away with the minimum character requirement. Happy that YYE finally at least lowered it to 4.