Wanna talk?

This may sound a bit desperate but does anyone wanna chat about yoyo stuff with me? I need some friends here who i can talk to. Message me or reply to this post if you want to talk.


Funnily enough, this is how I got my girlfriend.

There is the chat room/IRC channel. Always a good start.

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I need one of them too! Lol!

I’d love to have a PM conversation with someone. I don’t use the chat rooms.

You might want to investigate some of the IM programs such as Yahoo Instant Messenger, AOL instant Messenger. I think you can also IM via Skype but I could be wrong, I don’t use Skype that much, but I do have it here. What else do I use?..

That’s it. YIM, AIM, Skype, and XChat. It’s kinda random when I run them. I think most of that information is available via my YYE profile. Just understand, I’m OK being hit up on those, but it’s low priority, as I often get hit with phone calls and “life” so if I vanish or leave you hanging without an explanation or “brb”, it’s just how things are.

If people need me to run it more often(sometimes I don’t run anything for days), you’ll need to send me a PM here.

Anyone else get the feeling this is a older guy. What 10 year old has the balls to post something like this?

His name is “thetrapper”

He would rather talk in pms

He’s new to a yoyo forum (so am i)

He was in the chat earlier telling us how hes younger then he switched to older

He likes to knit sox, and u cant wash these socks either

Red Flag anyone?!

Didn’t read his earlier “works”.

But, if he’s a an artist of the bovine excrement variety, he will be quickly outed and thrown back to where he came from.

Also, I wonder how many predators are thinking this may be a place to score “leads”. It’s OK. All access and postings are logged.

Time stamped? Monitored by moderators? Read by responsible, caring adults with children of their own participating in this forum? That sort of thing?

Well, “responsible” might be stretching things a bit…

(That is sarcasm!)

No it isn’t.

This is how I met my girlfriend

You must be new to forums for one there is no “slang” so please edit your post before someone reports you

There was no slang in my post as far as I know. If your talking about sox he seriously told us about kniting socks.

I think he meant this.

A male one? ???

Uh oh.

Unless your banned