Thrower contact info


Hey Guys. Idk about yall… But ibhate goin through the process of sending PMs. Takes tooooooooo long for replies and such so if your gunna hit me up or what not 5403251990 text it. And follow me on twitter @llRllEllDll those are lowercase L’s between the R E D. I just think it would be chill to have someone on bro status. Say for example im throwin. Shoot dude a text. What up bro? Chillin workin on a combo, wbu man? Saaamme thing bro, what u throwin? Clyw ofcoarse. Ya so hmu.

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


Moderator please move to where appropriate. Im usin tapatalk… Forgot i was in BST…

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~



I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

(Waylon) #4

That would be a cool way to get instant feedback on combos, ideas, advice , tutorial stuff, etc.

(M.DeV1) #5

Yea, thats what i thought chat was for. But obviously all anybody does in there is just idle…but thats for another thread.

(Waylon) #6

I was talking more about things being able to shoot a specific person a video through mms.


I use tapatalk. Only have an ipod. Cant chat with tapatalk. Hit me sometime waylon!

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


Honestly… You guys are lame. Waylon and i have had some pretty intense conversations. Your all missing out! Fist bump waylon!

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

(M.DeV1) #9

Well I do talk to trace, yoyofoot, and jayyo on a daily basis. Sometimes i6ify too.


you talked to me before :frowning:

(M.DeV1) #11

Yea once, not on a daily basis. sorry :frowning:


lol i know, its a joke smart one :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! I’m there more often than you are!


Well post ur numbers up bros

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

(M.DeV1) #15

I know!


(920) 202-2796 Im in Central Time (-1:00 from NY, +2:00 from CA) just might be useful to somebody. Hit me up people, always lookin to talk to some cool dudes


I am a bit uncomfortable with this sharing of personal contact info on the forums. You never know who might be skulking about in the shadows.

Let’s be careful here kids, stranger-danger and all that.


True. Another thoughtful post by BanjoSpins.

I believe in what you said. Makes so much sense.


Probably no one in a 100 mile radius that owns a yoyo. It’d be cool to talk to someone who does

(Waylon) #20

I’m pretty sure the only ones sharing publicly so far are adults, but yeah kids, be safe, be smart.