My face agrees...Weird Typing Habits y'all have

Well, this is just a fun sort of thing I do a lot, occasionally, y’all see me type this out, after a seemingly random cluster of characters. Well, it hurts…cause I actually sometimes get peeved, and smack My face into my oh so nice keyboard, and it types random things, obviously. So, here’s A question, What sort of habits do you have when in different moods, and when you are typing? Mine are as follows,
Tired: Typos, then a sentence cursing said typos, like “Grrs, typos”…I rarely look over what I type, so yeah.
Peeved/Trying to prove something: Face type…LOL, it’s a pun…Just realized that. Sorry, been a long night of no sleep.
Really happy: I type out more Of my infamous, soon to be world recognized, comedic fairy tale novel, Fur Metal Jacket. (I have written satires forever, so…yeah, when I run dry on ideas, I get really silly with the things I type or write.

Well, let’s see what y’all have to say!