Is it me or are some (more than usual) people just really stressed right now? I’ve seen a lot of negativity on some of the threads, come on now guys, take a deep breath and everything will be fine.


I don’t know about other parts of the world, but in Canada, we are having our final exams. Even though I’m not stressed about them, that could be the case with other throwers.

LOL I just got home, opened the forum, and started wondering the same thing!

Stressed? I always thought yoyos made great stress relievers…at least they do for me. When mad, I tend to throw a pretty hard sleeper, just to release some of that energy built up in me.

Stressed? Absolutely.

I’m at a point in my life where I really need my crap sorted out, and things just stack up on me. I try not to reflect that in my posts, but I’ll absolutely admit to being callous on occasion. I’m sure many can say the same, online and off. We’re human after all. Unfortunately, heheh.

Also, it just seems these days there’s a lot of crap to argue about. Some have reasonable enogh grounding, others not so much.

Fortunately, yoyo is one of my escapes.

You can say that I’m a bit stressed and a bit agitated because of the stupid posts here on the forums. I mean, they asked a stupid question so it’s expected to give them stupid answers.

But other than that, I usually just sleep it off and I’m fine after I wake up :]
But I’ve been yoyoing more often too so it helps too :]

I’m stressed, but it’s going away. Went through one show, going through the next show in about 9 hours.

I stress hard over doing sound at events. No time to yoyo to relieve the stress at the event. Tomorrow might be different.

This week has been really bad. With people from out of town and lots of stuff hitting too fast, well, I dislike that I’m expected to drop MONEY MAKING gigs that were bookd 4+ months in advance for last-second spontaneous garbage.

I finished my public exams, (just Latin this year) on Wednesday, and I’ve got internal exams next week, some of which determine our setting for next year. If I’m getting stressed at all, however, it’s mainly just due to tiredness. I don’t sleep too well when I’m at school, (boarding school), and as we near the end of the school year I get exhausted.

I may just be seeming irritated because I’m British and we apparently “have a stupid sense of humour.” :wink:

All stressed up with nowhere to go…

I just realized that this should probably be in the unrelated section…oops…oh well if it needs to be move it :slight_smile:

Fixed that for you

Wait, there we go

Sometimes i get stressed but i’m not unkind on forums

While I’m not posting that much on the forum, I have just been through a very stressful period. I had some problems with my self-image for a week and I went through a break-up. This was while final exams were ongoing and the problems I went through just made it impossible to sleep (the break-up did make me sleep better though). On top of that I have just spent the last week moving out from my flat and away from all of my friends, which hasn’t been easy.

It doesn’t affect me that much though. I am usually a person that doesn’t stress out when it comes to exams and such. Now I have 4-5 weeks of vacation which I will spend on taking care of myself and finding a place I can live close to the university I will be attending. I am generally looking forward to my own future. Gonna have to live in an actual city, will be interesting (I have lived in places that can be consideren “farming areas”).

So yes a lot of people are stressed, thats weird that everyone is kind of stressed at the same time. Does this happen annually or is it just a freak thing, sometimes things like this happen at the same time each year. Well we will find out next year if it happens again haha

Yea, if I looked like this,;attach=8381;type=avatar I would too. :wink:

On the verge of getting kicked out of the house, the college Im trying to get through is on the verge of total bankrupcy, family is in chaos constantly, found out friends arent friends and totally backstab you like the freakin betrayers they are. Not sure what the heck you are doing in your life. Feeling left behind as all your friends move on to huge high paying jobs and getting married, and you are the guy at home struggling to make it, when you dont know if you may be homeless once you turn 21.

Yeah, no stress here.


I agree…a total stress reliever. Play some old tricks that you don’t even have to think about and bam…no more stress. Of course though, stress and negativity spread like fire…come on the forums and read some of the negative stuff on here and it catches. People need to learn how to just chill, relax and let things go. It takes so much energy to be angry and negative - channel that energy into something better like throwing…

It’s us yoyoers time of the year!
Joking aside I’m sorry to hear everyone’s stressed!

Bahaha i didnt even think of that joke…hahah it made me chuckle