aquarius caps

how do you get the out of the aquarius

suction cups

They’re stuck in there too tight.

the way i would do it is the following…

except replace the m1 with the aqaurius…the imapact of the fall will cause the caps to fall out thus solving your problem

yeah, i tried like 5 straight hours of using a suction cup (a good one) trying to get my aquarius caps out.

I would recommend using a needle / knife to puncter a whole in them, then using something like a screwdriver to get then out. :wink:

Uh - mark26, we want to remove the caps - not kill the Yo-Yo itself. :slight_smile:

Heh. Owned!

BTW I tried doing a high toss with my aquarius too and when it lands and it hits the ground the caps will fall out. It depends how tight the caps are in.

Thank you johnny t…peopld dont take me seriously for some reason but i was serious when i made that post

Yeah, I understand. But I have the feeling you don’t get it yet. Not everything is what you think it is - if you know what I mean. :wink:


Mark26, please use correct grammar and don’t call people idiots.

Spencer L., please take people seriously, don’t be smart, and stop getting in all of these flame wars.


  1. stop attacking each other for grammar.
  2. stop taking everything so literally. NO DUH YOU CANT KILL A NON LIVING OBJECT. he didn’t mean it that way.
  3. this is the internet. we are here for yoyos. so stop arguing, it solves nothing and just causes flame wars.

EDIT: dang, DYonch beat me to it >.>

No, if you used correct grammar, it would look like this:

Spencer, I have the feeling that you are a complete idiot. And how is that what I think if I’ve done it bofore and it worked… and f.y.i., I do use correct grammar.

Apparently, you don’t. :wink:

I’m not an idiot, and if we didn’t have rules here, and this was YoYoNation - I would be flaming in a 7 paragraph essay on how what to do, and what not to do, and how to deal with a thing called respect.

DYonch, thank you. I would of posted this before, but you out-did me.

I’m not in a flame war, but above I apologize, and I already wrote it.

I do take it seriously, it’s just un-thoughtful replies that make it look like I don’t, then people get me into it.

I’m trying to feed correct information to other members. Seriously, don’t launch an Aquarius 100 feet away in a catapult just to get caps out. Common sence here.

Anyways, I’m sorry if I did, but I do have the right do defend myself, and others should, too.

EDIT: Dang - another member beat me to it. AGAIN :wink:

Duct tape…

And if you want them out super mega crazy bad… Stab the cap with I knife and pull it out…

Thank you!

You can break those, and order new ones from YYJ. It’s free.

Why do you want them out, anyways?

It was like my hitman, Aquarius caps are really tight. I saw Domin123’s one, the caps are so tight, the caps are indented (can’t find right word), so its like a mini vacuum in there. Suction cups really didn’t do it. You might wanna try putting it in the freezer for a while before trying, not guaranteed to work though.

I never got my hitman caps out, so I stabbed a hole with a pen knife and pried it out. The air pressure in there is very low. Stabbing a hole will increase the pressure.

Do you really use dorrect grammar?


hey spencer its the internet who cares about grammar once again your a complete idiot…and i do use correct grammar…your an idiot…and say something about me and see what happens ill show you respect alright

DYonch didn’t say anything against you, just saying that you shouldn’t be calling people stuff and to make your posts easier to read.

But still Spencer L. I do think you were a bit sarcastic and disrespectful.

No offence to anyone.

anywhoozle, i hate how we HAVE to use grammar and get in trouble if we dont, so im going with ed, and for a while i wont use any grammar

and it didnt shoot 100 feet away it was more like 100 yards …and common sense would say that that is smart. how else are you gonna get the caps out…exactly…do you have an aquarius exactly…so how would you know…and you would do anything if you could kid…so just stay in your place and play with your little duncan butterfly