My new trick on how to remove caps on a cheap plastic

Yesterday my sister picked up a peterfish luminator,

Yeah, that piece of crap. She taught me a trick on how to remove the caps.

  1. Place your hand in a position to throw a forward pass.
  2. Stand in front of a wall
  3. Throw a forward pass into a wall (don’t get hit by the ricochet now!)
  4. Watch as the caps on your $3 dollar yoyo fly out

WARNING: Do NOT try this with your expensive yoyo’s, AKA, anything more then $10, as im pretty sure you’ll break the yoyo, however, the peterfish is just fine, wait, lemme check…

I squeezed the two sides of a duncan butterfly together as hard as I could to pop it’s caps out. I wanted to use it for thumb grinds… didn’t even come close to working, but now I have a butterfly without caps.

YAY! :smiley:

heres another way, take a sledge hammer (a 10 pounder should do) and bring down the rath of thor upon you yoyo. Of course, you wont have the yoyo, but the capes will be off.

:o I’ll try that on a NM5!

please make a video of yourself doing that :slight_smile:

For $110+s&h I will!

omg i just did this on my DM it really works!!



but that costs money :-[