Appreciating the “Necro”

Upon looking at another Necro this morning it made me ponder. Some people seem to feel annoyed with them, but when I thought about it, I saw it a little differently. It seems to me that this is evidence that people are exploring the wealth of archived information this site has to offer. I’ve found myself intrigued by some of the comments and wanting to reply, only to realize…this is 14 years old…is this person even around anymore? Regardless of whether they are around or not, this is really a recorded history of sorts. A view into the thoughts and ideas of those who have come before.
One nice thing is…this forum has been around for a very long time, and many notable people have passed through, and still inhabit the threads contained within.
….so…should these comments be liked??? I did “like” them when I read them, it seems right to me that I should indicate this. I have not been on here for a year and it still makes me feel good when I get a like to some of my older comments. How do you feel?
On another note…the particular Necro that I was looking at this morning, I noticed had been Necro’d actually several times throughout its history. That made me wonder what the “Most necro’d thread on the site” was. And what was it that made it come back so many times? The thread I looked at earlier was about the lowly and often forgotten Freehand line of Duncan’s. :rofl: It’s easy to see how that could come up often through the years, as the Freehand has been a staple since it first came out, and it has moved and changed with the times, offering many different flavors of a beloved classic. These were just a few of the thoughts I had. I felt like this could be an interesting topic that might have people stopping and thinking for a moment. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Please share some of yours. :grin::+1:


Yo I too appreciate interesting necro posts. Sometimes it’s not good if it’s like answering someone’s question about bearings from 10 years ago bc like yo, they probably got it figured out by now but there are a lot of really interesting topics in the graveyard that are worth revisiting imo.


I mean…maybe no one ever answered their question…:rofl::rofl:


I always appreciate it. Things change, opinions shift, sometimes it’s good to revisit something and give an updated perspective.


I love seeing necro post myself as they often have a lot of interesting views and perspectives, plus provide a look into the past.
Also fun to see my old replies from time to time!

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More necro let those who hate notifications deal with it.


Just wanna second everyone’s opinions. Speaking as someone who joined recently, it’s nice to read old topics that other members are contributing to.


I say, at this point in time, necro’s are cool. Back in the day when the forums were poppin’, necro’s kinda sucked but these days with only a handful of posts per day, necro’s are cool and fun to read. Plus some threads die off before anyone sees them and a necro can be helpful. I’ve gotten a ton of info from super old posts.


Personally, I think it’s great to read some of the Necro threads.

Sometimes, I find them very interesting, because maybe 10 years ago a guy posted up something that actually sounded very interesting, and it just kinda rolled down the board and not many people even jumped in to give an opinion. Yet a decade later, the question, or the opinion in the thread is still very interesting, and should be addressed. So it’s nice to see an old thread come back up.

One of my favorite things to do is to immediately click on the OP. Then I click on the OP’s name and see how long it’s been since he or she posted? To see when they joined, how many times they posted, and when they seem to vanish into thin air?

For example, a few months ago, sorry, I can’t remember the thread at the moment, but somebody had posted to a thread and brought it to the top of the board. The thread was about 11 years old. The person that posted the thread originally made their last entry to the board in 2017. Which means that person had not posted in the last seven years. Then I scroll down the thread and click on screen names I don’t really recognize, or maybe only slightly recognize and click on those names and find out some of those people that had responded to the original thread had never posted again.
…… I find that interesting, and/or fascinating. Because some people sound so enthusiastic when they jump into a thread to address a topic and then they vanish into thin air. In my mind I always wish them well. I don’t care what their pronouns are. There are so many people that just passed through and keep going. I like to think that most if not all are a little better feom the experience and move on to where they’re just more comfortable.

Unless somebody out there has some special knowledge about magic that I’m totally unaware, I feel like we’re only here for one good run. Some people don’t last long, and some people seem to last forever. Well not quite… But the variety of thoughts and people and skill levels and views That would’ve never been considered without seeing them on the forum are all worth the efforts of those that step up and speak.

If nothing else, remember this about threads that are necro’d, there’s no such thing as too much good information, even if a 10-year-old thread is brought back to life whether it’s something you’ve seen before, or never considered, running someone else’s thoughts or ideas or opinions through your mind, can only give you a better perspective on where you’re at. Sometimes the information in an old thread brought back to life, contains information that you either were not aware of, or actually have the answer to or a solution for way back then if you would’ve known about it.

Old threads getting kicked up to the top of the board is almost as cool as a time machine you can imagine for some of the real young kids on the board. Some of these old threads that are brought back to life may have been asked before they were born ha ha.

Life, is an adventure, and then we die……


I take what you’re saying here and add that to something I heard you say in a video about how the tricks being done today could’ve been done 60 years ago…it’s just that nobody thought of it. But imagine having something even remotely resembling this forum, how huge of an impact it would have made. But it’s making that impact today. When I look back at how the world was when I was young (I’m 52) it was almost like everyone was isolated. Once you got home, unless you had a visitor or a phone call, tv is all the outside connection you had. The idea of knowing people all over and staying in contact with them on any kind of regular schedule was just unheard of. The world sure has changed.




You did what??? For how many necro’s??:rofl:


I, too, enjoy a good necro. I wonder if any of the OP’s from back in the day see the notification in their email and are like “oh yea! I used to yoyo!” then go find one of their old favorites and throw it. Would be cool to see some of them picked the hobby back up because of a 10 year old necro post.


That would be about one of the coolest results you could get.


It’s never let me down yet.


Ngl I usually don’t mind too much but it can get a bit jarring if it’s happening frequently. That said though, I think one of the threads that was necroed recently had a reply from me from over 10 years ago that I obviously forgot about :laughing:


I used to hang out on a lot of forums when I was a teenager, both here and elsewhere. It was forum etiquette on all of them not to necro, bringing threads back from the dead was considered annoying because it had already beeen discussed or answered and all the regulars had already read through it so bumping things back to the top cluttered up the boards if it was done too often.

Now things are different, none of those forums from my teenage days had this much history, the oldest one was probably half this age or less. Seeing things from a decade ago is interesting and a lot of new discussion can be had, and for the most part the same people aren’t reading the thread that were there the first time.

It’s really amazing how the perspective on things change with time.


Your right, it used to be considered bad manners. Thankfully that’s passé now. Some of these threads are actually relevant even today. I think it speaks a lot of the depth of knowledge of this community as a whole. Together we have a huge source of information that is basically available to you the end user for free. Not even a small nominal fee is required.
All that being said use the darn search bar before you post, your question has already been answered by one or all of those who have gone before you. Now if you’ll excuse Me it’s time to bring something back from the dead.


Necroing a thread can be cool if the necro is contributing something interesting to whatever was being discussed. But the cases where someone brings back a thread from 10 years ago with a “look at me necro this thread haha” is rather annoying and just serves to push down topics that people are currently discussing or looking for answers on.

Oh my gosh this was beautifully written and arrived in the weekly newsletter. I shared it on my social media:

That is literally the goal of this open source, free to all, creative commons forum! :clap: