How long do two posts have to be apart for someone to necro?
I kinda suck at wording things. :stuck_out_tongue:


I assume you mean how long for it to be considered a necro?

It’s not a set amount of time. It’s just a long time.
Over a year would definitely count though.


6 weeks.


What does necro mean??? ???


To bring life to a dead thread; to post in a thread that hasn’t had any new posts for a considerable amount of time


this, this or this

this, this, or this



So is it considered bad or something?


Way too short. If the OP is still here and the post is still relevant then it’s not a necro.


Forum, the trading card game?


i guess. i just compiled like things on that one post.


I’ve been necro’d for something that short before however i meant 8 weeks.

“Please pay attention to the date of the thread you are getting ready to post in. If you look in the archives or even just back a few months you shouldn’t bring that post back. By that time it’s ok to start a new thread if you can’t find the information you need. Please don’t bring back an old thread like that with just a comment on the subject. - icthus”

Which would suggest 2 months or 8 weeks.


let me put it this way- there aren’t pretty little fairies on those cards. :wink:


No those are just old gifs people made because of people necro’ing posts.


i thought a gif was some kind of little video that kept repeating itself.


Yeah yeah I mean jpeg… :-\


In this case they were jpegs, but they could’ve been gifs. GIF is just a graphics file format that doesn’t necessarily (and in most cases back in the day, wasn’t) animated. 256-colour palette meant the format is largely behind us, but you’ll still see GIFs used for things other than funny animations.

Of course, the BEST use for a GIF… funny animations. :wink:


True. There’s a a balance between necroing and continually making the same kind of threads over and over again.