Re: YYJ Presents Jamboo - NECRO

yea probably

Why do you find it necessary to bring back old posts? It’s annoying and definitely not funny.

i bet

No, seriously, stop.

While necroing old posts isn’t against the rules, it certainly is annoying.

If you didn’t know that it is generally unacceptable to necro posts due to not frequenting internet forums, I will tell you now; necroing posts is bad. Don’t do it again.

However, I think that you’re just doing it because you are trying to be funny, due to your attitude. I will tell you that you are not.

I’m glad he did! I haven’t seen this info before, so it was cool to check it out.

You seriously need a ban. I swear, that attitude is going to get you beaten to a pulp.

maxn93 - Please stop the NECRO business.
You’ve been warned about this before.
Next stop is Bansville.