Please Stop Necro'ing/Inquiring About Old Threads

I largely remain a silent user on forums these days, but I’ve noticed a massive increase in the amount of necro’ing of old threads. Especially within the BST. I under the Search function is handy when looking for a yoyo, but please please check the dates of threads before inquiring about them.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I just assume that every BST thread that is advertising a rare or desirable CLYW in the title is an ancient necro lately. This theory is rarely proven wrong.

People shouldn’t even post in a BST. Its soooo stupid! Just PM the dang guy.

I would bet a relatively large amount of money that in the past 3 months you have by far the highest post count in BST threads aside from people bumping their own threads.

In two years from now, I will bump this thread. Cya then! :wink:


Says the guy constantly posting in BST threads

When? I do post in them to tell the guys to not post and PM.

Maybe 3 times, and my own BST.

Prove it. I have MAYBE posted AT MOST in the past 3 months. MAYBE 5 times.


…sounds dirty

It is… It is :wink:

Uzzzzz ar u a bad boy???

I love a good necro myself, especially when it’s a completely random one where someone replies to a 3 year old thread with “yeh I agree lol”. You just have to sit there and think about what on earth could be going through that persons head…

I like necros except when I look back and see all the people that left over the years.


I will necro this thread forever