the problem...

lately i have seen many necroposters =o i know! i have a way of fixing this they do this on another forum im on… after 30 days of no post on the thread it gets locked and archived

I like it when someone brings back a thread. It doesn’t really bother anything, unless it was current topic from a year ago or something, and it keeps an extra duplicate thread from being created. Plus, people also love to post that picture on previously dead threads. I kind of like the picture. It’s right next buttaaaaaaahhhhh…

What about in the BST?

Threads brought back are ok as long as not too old. If the thread is somthing in 2010 September…I think that’s too old. But posting in a thread 1-2 months old isn’t Necroposting.

Btw, BST should be exceptional.

Next sentence of my post. But yeah, there really isn’t a reason that I can think of for bringing back a thread from the BST.