And it begins


I have been reading this fourm for a while now without posting my input and just reading. Yo-yoing is fun and this is such a good community compared to certain other hobbies i have such as cars. A little to much scarcsim for my taste and people say necro if a thread is older than 6 minutes but everyone is awesome here. I’m looking forward for more posts to come! Thanks,


Oh and i just bought the di base. yyj classic, pgm stackless, psg, and a few other throws to have some fun!


Welcome aboard, Matt! Happy throwing =)



welcome. And you are right about the six minute necro haha

(Alex Fairhurst) #4


Sorry I had to. Anyways, welcome!


thrusting yourself into it! good to have you on board.


(WildCat23) #6

Hey Matt. Welcome to the Matt club. There are like 5 of us on the forums.

Those are some good throws you got. And necro isn’t if the thread is less that 6 months. (Usually)


Matt. Matt. Matt!

Look at youtube page…


(Nautilus) #8

welcome you got a lot of good throws i am nautilus the deep sea thrower


Welcome to the forums matt! :slight_smile:

(Kei) #10

Hey welcome to YYE! Glad to hear we have another person to discuss with!
If you have any questions feel free to post it!
:< Dont be shy…


Welcome! Hope you have a blast. Best wishes to your yoyo journey!