Apple or Android?


The only thing I don’t like about Face ID is that apple doesn’t give you the option to have the phone completely unlock after Face ID recognizes you. You still have to swipe up to access your phone. That’s stupid. Touch ID or passcode opens the phone right up. Why can’t Face ID?

But I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with Face ID otherwise

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Android has face id too


I feel the same way about that. It’s quite silly to have a secondary swipe to unlock. The only reason I think they do that is because of the re-vamp of the notification screen. They’re trying to make it more useful and engaging, along with the widget / spotlight pane. There should be an option to go directly to the homes screen or back into the apps where you left off.

I don’t like using faceID or touch id for that matter. I’m weirded out by the facial recognition. It’s unnerving to know it’s constantly recording and looking at me. I don’t store any personal info on the phone other than the obvious phone number and name. I know it’s encrypted and only stored on the chip but it still weirds me out. haha! Machine learning and adaptive AI is interesting though. I’m just glad it’s optional, for now.

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Apple, definitely… I have an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone 7, and am currently typing this on an iPad 4


So no phone and also no computer at all?

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I agree! I do not like my iphone because it is just so simple to use. I want it to be more like trying to land a kajillion or nothing. Easy stinks!


No one even calls me except my brother every other week and I call my dad once a week. All my calls are from telemarketers. I do not have wifi at home so my iphone is my lifeline. I haven’t even turned on my laptop in a few months.


I’ll just leave this here…

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Why is this thread even a thing? You know it’s going to agravate people


Next up: Chevy or Ford?

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I’m just kidding, I don’t want to start another argument.

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Subaru FTW!


No question about it; apple rules.

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Lol, should I change the title to “Chevy or Ford, which one do you like more?”



2006 me thought this was a good idea…


If you ever get a job at Apple you’ll be Employee of the Month right away!


Well, Apple does kinda rule the world now far more than they did in 2006 so… you saw the future!


Bro I can assure you that over 90% of calls I got this year were spam and/or scams
Edit- idk why they even bother with the neighborhood spoofing anymore… everyone knows you are a bogus spammer. And also, these dudes have started to get suuuuper profane when you call them out. I’m normally a pretty calm guy, but this really tests my patience