Apple or Android?

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That’s bad luck! For me it was only 85% robocalls.


Maybe you have a 5% better social life than me lol

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If you have Android, you can download an app to block robo and scammer calls. CallDetector is a good one if your interested.


Haha so true! I entertained going for a “genius” position a few years ago but I can’t handle the chaos in the stores just shopping there, I couldn’t imagine working there every day. Talk about sensory overload!

@codinghorror Haha I guess so! Back then it was their 30th year anniversary (i got it done on april 1st) and I had quite a bit of success with my freelance graphics design and IT “career”. So it was a mix of fandom and an homage to Apple for creating computers for that kind of audience. Some days I regret it because I’m not happy with how they are doing things but on another hand it’s a reminder to stay foolish and to think different haha. that sounds so corny


android. apple looks better tbh, but its not as powerful as android. android has a steeper learning curve, but you can do so much with it afterwards


Unless you use Swift; iOS uses Objective-C which has a much higher learning curve than Java. I am not sure how Android is “more powerful” than iOS. Both seem equally powerful to me. What criteria are you using?

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I agree. If you root an Android there are no limits. You can do anything you want. You can change how the boot up screen looks, overclock the CPU and GPU to get better preformce, and update the phone to any version of Android you desire and so much more.


I am not sure this is more “powerful”. What you are speaking about are policy differences between the two. If you mean that Android allows the developer access to more features of the phone - then yes it is more “powerful” than iOS. The paradigm that apple uses is the “sandbox” approach to isolating applications. While this makes your data more secure, it does prevent some types of customization. Not a weakness, just a policy.

Pick your poison. Do you want to be safe? Or, do you want the rope to hang yourself?


Everyone loves rope! Feels so good against the skin!

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I am not disagreeing at all. If you know what you are doing… have at it!

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This quote is going to come back to you later.

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How so? The very latest Snapdragon 855 still isn’t as fast as Ye Olde iPhone 7…

(I’ll grant you the iPhone 7 is pretty fast in the big scheme of things though, but the 8/X and XS are obscenely fast.)

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out of context, that is.

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Honestly iPhones are pretty great, but I still cant own one. My biggest barrier is a back button, and the second is a dedicated headphone jack. They are also really expensive. Otherwise id probably have one. I still like my S9+ though. Modern smartphones are good enough for basically anything now, just like PCs have been for about 10 years now (average user).

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Apple all the way guys!

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Wait! What? I just want an android to bring me an apple when I’m hungry.