Anyone do Astrojax?

I’ve been Jaxin’ for a few years, and i’d love to see if anyone else here has any experience!



I have a set of jax, but don’t really know how to use them

There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and such. If you take the time to learn, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Big Yoyo astrojax string?

Me want them.

I’ve got two sets laying around my house somewhere. I’ve tried plenty, but I’m terrible with them. I just can’t seem to catch on.

It’s not easy to learn, trust me. Took me a year or so to really get things down. Even know, 5 years later, there’s still tons of tricks i have no idea how to do.

Idk if I’m bad, or good, but those counterweight jaxs are hard to use.

practice makes perfect

Astro Jax are voodoo magic and beyond my comprehension.

But all the weights are different, so hard.

That’s why it’s better to buy the real thing.

I worked on my vertical orbits and the one where you combine vertical and horizontal orbits last night, it’s pretty cool

All it takes is practice. Venus is a good trick to learn if you’re a beginner?

Cool, I will check it out. I also just got a kendama today, which is super fun, and I have 3 speed cubes (is that what you call them?) coming around Wednesday

Never tried Kendama. Looks cool, but a bit childish and pointless looking. Which is ironic because I throw yoyos.

OMG the balls that clack when you hit them together??? my childhood is revisited today…

No. Go away. clackers are lame.