Questions II

Ok, so… I know I’m a newbie, I’ve been posting a lot about questions and all… Probably some people are already annoyed with me… But I sometimes have hard times understanding things… So… Here’s my questions for now, and I may have more if you start replying haha!

  1. How many tricks should I learn before I do like a small performance at a show? Or like should I get up to the Advanced tricks and stop there and perfect my Intermediate and Beginner tricks?
  2. I still don’t understand what a fixed axle is… What’re the differences? All he explained on teh tutorials were what they looked like and how you have to make your own string loop to put around it… Are fixed axles normally on imperial yo yos? So fixed axles are for off-string tricks?
  1. You don’t have to be really good to be in a talent show… You just have to have fun…

  2. A fixed axle is a yoyo that has no bearing, the string goes on a little rod between the halves of the yoyo… The yoyos are responsive… Off-string yoys generally don’t use fixed axles, they normally have slimmer gaps…

I’m answering the first question. There’s no real limit to what you can learn,but you need to keep the audience entertained. You don’t want to Rock The Baby the whole time,but you don’t want all Ben Conde(I understand if you don’t get it) on them. You just need need to keep your audience interested…and ALWAYS have fun

“Do some beginner tricks: walk the dog, rock the cradle, picture tricks (say what it is if you can), UFO maybe. Then get some harder but flashy tricks: eli hops, boingy boing, revolutions, mach 5 (but move around with it and be standing sideways and like rotate and walk forward then stop and reverse it or something), suicides. Also, if you’re up there more than a few minutes, do another style. It baffles most people that somebody could be that good, then yoyo with 2 yoyos, or yoyo without something attached.”

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When I did a performance with yoyos in the school talent show I was at advanced part 1, and my friends who performed with me were at intermediate level.

You should perform whenever you feel comfortable enough to get up there and Yoyo Long enough to entertain :slight_smile: just practice practice practice you’ll be performing in no time!

You know the old school imperial and butterfly duncan yoyos? The cheap 3$ ones? Those are fixed axel, no bearing the string is directly on the axle. It’s how yoyos were originally I believe don’t quote me because I don’t know the history that’s just a guess.

there really is no problem with questions. questions are how we learn things. It’s good that you have put your questions into an understandable format and are clear about what you are asking. too many people don’t do that.

Oh cool. And thanks Pajama…
So… Another question is… As I progress there will be moves that will flow the performance of the yoyos in between each trick so that I dont’ have to bring it up again to get a stronger sleeper?

your either talking about transitions or regens

Both, I think.
And another question:
My string dropped off my bearing when i took my yoyo apart. So, I put it back on and it’s fine… But by touching the bearing did I clean it of it’s oil a little? Is that bad?

No, touching the bearing does not clean it of it’s oil…

But.  You can follow these directions to clean a bearing:

And another question:
So I just watched the Adjusting the Gap tutorial vid. And my Yomega Highspeed Maverick only twists a little to tighten and loosen the gap…
What kind of yoyos have adjustable gaps? Like what companies make more adjustable gap yoyos? Is my Maverick one?

No, I don’t believe the Maverick has an adjustable gap.

Yoyojam used to make yoyos with adjustable gaps… I may be wrong but, I think they stopped making them.

they still might have some in stock, but i’m not sure.

So people/companies don’t make adjustable gap yoyos anymore? Or they’re just uncommon…

Some older yoyos have adjustable gaps… most yoyos today do NOT have adjustable gaps… its an old technology rarely used… and as Shadowz said I don’t think your Maverick has an adjustable gap. You may just be loosening it, or tightening it, you wouldn’t want it to fall apart while you were playing with it so I would just tighten it and leave it that way.

yyf makes a few

Ok, so there isn’t anyway to help my yo yo land on my man on flying trapeze? Haha, I’m having the most trouble with that trick since I can’t get it on. And then there’s double or nothing where I have to make my breakaway really swing, but I don’t want to get hit :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, you could have said that!!

When trying to do trapeze (The abbreviation of man on the flying trapeze) try to make your finger come as close to the yoyo with out touching it, and then landing it into a mini trapeze. The better you get the bigger the trapeze will be able to be.

For Double or nothing, on the first wrap of your non-throwhand pointer, try to make it come as far back on the finger as you can… Don’t go to fast, you might hit your head. :wink: