Help - New in yoyo-ing - Stucked


Hello! My name is Alin. I ordered a Duncan Butterfly XT and it arrived yesterday. In my country it is 18$ + 3$ delivery, so it’s a little bit expansive, while a normal man earn 400$ / month. I learned some tricks (not string tricks). It sleeps around 15-25 seconds, but when I try a simple trapeze it dies on 2 seconds. Once I land, it starts making a noise and lose all spin, and in 2 seconds, max 3, it dies. The same problem on front mount / Brain Twister. I saw many peoples on YT that can makes Boing-e Boing and harder tricks with Butterfly XT, and i can’t event make a Trapeze. I pulled out original string that it came with because it’s dimension was equal with the gap of Yoyo… I made some cotton strings (it’s twisted perfectly) because I don’t want to pay 6$ for 10 strings… It’s very expensive :expressionless: . I still can’t do a Men on the flying trapeze or a Brain Twister. Please, help me, I’m desperate!


the gap is very thin because of the bearing. because of this, string tricks will be a bit more difficult than if you had a full sized, wide c bearing. with a wider bearing, you will get better spin times, and will be able to perform most string tricks, although you will need to learn to bind to return the yoyo to your hand. Personally I would recommend saving up to buy a YYF ONESTAR or PROTOSTAR, once you learn to bind. You COULD buy a wider bearing and put it in the Duncan butterfly XT aswell.


Ok… I can’t even learn some string tricks? And it needs to be a yoyo special bearing? A normal bearing from the car shop doesn’t work?


I found a Protostar in my country and it’s price is around 75$… Pretty much :expressionless: Very much, more exactly…


There’s no f%#!?ing way to learn string tricks without buying anything? Is hard for me to earn money… Just my mother works, my father doesn’t… And we don’t have so much money… I just want to learn some tricks like Brain Twister, Double or Nothing, and maybe Boing-e Boing… Or some easy tricks :|…


you COULD do any of those tricks without a larger bearing or another yoyo, It will just be a little more difficult. I could land even cold fusion on a responsive yoyo like yours, it just takes practice.


I am doing hundreds of trapezes, but once i land itmakes a noise and die… I can’t even dismount… And on front mount, same problem… Once it touch the string makes noise… Can i lub the ballbearing with oil? That oil that father use atdiferents ballbearings around the house and car? It will affect the yoyo?.PS how i can pull out the bearing?


lube won’t be necessary. make sure the string is straight when you land on the trapeze. when you move one hand forward or backwards, the string will touch the yoyo, causing it to tilt, and stop spinning.


It doesn’t touch the yoyo… At least, I don’t see this. And no, it doesn’t tilt… Just spin on it straight for 2-3 seconds, not more…


even with a responsive yoyo, this should not be the case. Unless you tampered with the yoyo, I think you just need to throw it harder to get a stronger spin out of it.


I throw it very hard… In sleeper it stays now around 20 seconds, but not on trapeze… Now I learned to mount and dismount on trapeze (It stay on string max 2 seconds and I dismount).


It probably does. It doesn’t take much to slow it down.
It takes practice to get it down. People are able to do string tricks on a Raider which is not a butterfly shape, nor does it have a wide gap. The XT has a “C” size bearing which many string trick yoyos use.


Yeah, I think that the noise is from touching the sides… But I can’t keep it without touching the sides… I tried to keep it all the sides… I can’t keep it from touching even in Elevator Trick :expressionless: .
The gap of the Butterfly XT is around 0.4 mm and my string thicknes is 0.2 mm (Homemade cotton string)… How can I keep it from touching? I am trying since yesterday and I can’t even make a Men on the flying trapeze… But on a Yoyo Whip (One of my friends have one) i can do Brain Twister / Men on the Flying Trapeze without problems… I understand that it’s an unresponsive yoyo but…
Most probably I will make a pause until I will buy a new yoyo, so… it will take a time.


Here is a video:
Sorry for the quality, it’s made with my phone… :expressionless: Please, help me… I want at least to do the basic string tricks :expressionless: . Please, tell me what to do!

PS: Don’t laugh, I know, I’m ugly.


there’s nothing wrong with your yoyo, believe me. just keep practicing. try keeping the string aligned with the gap of the yoyo.


That’s not too bad, but you can see that the yoyo is tilting slightly at the end of your trapeze. With the brain twister, if you move your hands up and down while not twisting, the string will probably start snagging up in the yoyo, and slowing it down. If you can keep your hands from moving up and down too much, you should be doing fine.


Ok, guys… I will try to do my best… I will keep practicing… I hope that in 2 weeks i will do the Brain Twister, at least… If I meet any problems I will come back. Thank you, again. I am in your debt!


You really just need to be patient and practice. I get that responsive throwing can be frustrating at first but it gives you the right habbits for later.
Also throwing straight is more important than throwing hard. Throw a long sleeper and check if the string is rubbing against the starburst while the yoyo sleeps or does it spin in the center of the bearing. Adjust your throw and practice that - there is plenty of time for braintwisters.
String tension can make a big difference so learn sidewinders and/or ufo.
You’ve also mentioned that you make your own string… it’s kinda hard to twist the threads to right amount, especially in the start. Too much twist leaves mistakes on the string, and little twist results in a loose string -both can cause problems you mentioned, so work on that. I also advice you to use polyester instead of cotton because it will last longer and give you less string burns. Also experiment with thickness if the gap troubles you - instead of 8 threads for example use 6 or 5 threads and see how that works.

btw, if/when you decide you want a new yoyo, shoot me a PM to see your options. 75 bucks for a protostar is ridiculous


What country are ya from? Maybe I can send you some stuff.Can’t tell since I’m on mobile. My advice for the Butterfly would be to clean the bearing. The XT does have a regular sized bearing, but it is caked with lube and can’t spin as well. There are a few guides around here on cleaning your bearing, check them out.


I am from Romania, so it is hard shipping from The States…