Anyone around Minneapolis - St Paul area?

I’m from the suburbs, Burnsville. Would like to know if anybody is around the twin cities area too. I hear there are weekly meet-ups at Air Traffic stores around the areas. I went to the Burnsville Center location and apparently they won’t have any meet-up events until after January 1st due to the holiday month. I know Mall of America has one too, I might have to check there sometime and see if they do any weekly meet-up events. Ridgedale is a tad bit too far from me sadly.

EDIT: Also looking for someone around my age to yoyo hang out with. I am 25, looking for 21+ yoyo buddies.

I live in Minneapolis and I am very interested in finding yo-yoers to meet up with. I have been looking everywhere for a club to join with no luck so far. I am 23 and I just started yo-yoing a few weeks ago so I’m not very good haha. I would definitely be down to hit up a club or event or go see a competition. I am hoping to go see the midwest regionals in June.

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Hey mate, I am 25 and just started last month! We are on the same boat here.

There are Yoyo events at Air Traffic Kite & Games every week. I am planning to go to one but am afraid there won’t be any Yoyo’ers going at Burnsville or Mall of America location which i am nearest by. We can probably meet up at one of those events. I hear most Yoyo’ers go to the Ridgedale that closed down, so they are starting to meet up at the Eden Prairie location now, which is so darn far from me.

Here is the calendar for the events and their locations.

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Awesome. I was just looking online and I wouldn’t be able to make it to Burnsville Air Traffic but I could go to the MOA one. Even though according to Google maps the Burnsville store is only a 20 minute drive from my house, I don’t have a car and the bus ride is 2 hours, 8 minutes lol. The bus ride from my house to MOA is a little over an hour and I would be okay with that. I’m not sure yet if this week will work for me but the week after probably will.

And that’s really cool you started recently, too. We can help each other out. I’m sure it would be a lot better and funner for both of us than if one of us was way better than the other.

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Hey mate, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I felt I’ve mastered the trick, The Matrix within just a couple of days. I’ve been yoyo’ing for hours each day since I got a hold of my first yoyo. I am learning quick from YoyoExpert forums, everybody here is very helpful and I love reading new posts here. Alternating by trying out new yoyo techniques I’ve learned through experience and this forum board combined, I felt I’ve learned much quicker and became more knowledgeable in both the basics of playing and technical aspects such as cleaning bearings and maintaining a clean yoyo, etc. I haven’t met anyone who in person, played before, I would love to gain a higher knowledge by doing so with what I already have. It’s quite hard to find people here in Minnesota that plays it seems, mostly due to the locations and distance. It’d be a honor to have someone to play with.

That’s pretty cool. I had to look up The Matrix to see what it was, but that’s pretty freaking cool. I’m not quite ready for it but I should be soon, I think. I usually learn tricks from yoyotricks and if you look on their website I’ve got all of the beginner tricks down and also Throw the Baby, Loop the Loop, Brain Twister, The Man on the Flying Trapeze and His Brother, and now I’m working on Double or Nothing. I’ve got it down but it could be a lot better, and I need to work on getting out of it smoother. I’ve been going kind of slow, I tend to learn a few tricks and spend a few days practicing them so I get them down good. I know everyone goes at their own pace so I’m sure some don’t need to spend as long learning tricks, but that’s just how I’ve been doing it. It feels cool now that I’m getting up to a new level of tricks. I’m planning on learning some more string trick basics from yoyotricks tonight.
And like you said, I haven’t met anyone in person who yo-yos, either. I would love to though, it would be great to have someone to practice with and someone who actually knows what’s up. I’ve shown almost all of my tricks to family and friends but they don’t fully grasp what I’m doing. And they always ask if I can Walk the Dog, like it’s some hard trick haha. It is a cool trick but they don’t really appreciate any of the other tricks I can do. We definitely should hit up a club meeting soon.

Just go at your own pace and soon you’ll really WOW them with something crazy and cool. I myself have not had a single real trick that can combo out each other. Right now I am trying Eli Hop to blend into The Matrix, hopefully that’ll be my first two trick combo. That’s kind of funny, I bet they don’t know about modern yoyo play yet so they ask you to do the classic ones such as Walking The Dog. Once you get something cool down and throw it in front of them, they’ll go nuts.

I see you have Yomega Raider in your profile. What other do you have? I recommend a more modern shape yoyo if that’s all you have. It not only makes it a lot easier to land and complete 1A tricks, it makes everything easier in general.

I’ll try and see if I can make it to the MOA, Wednesday the 14th one. Funny how you don’t drive and I don’t drive. There are 5 other people in the house and all 5 have their own cars, so I tend to ride with any of them. I’ll ask my bro in law if he can drop me off or go with me. Remember it’s at Air Traffic Kites & Games store, located right by Nordstrom on the 3rd floor, 6-8 PM time.

That combo sound like it will be pretty cool. I don’t have any combos yet but I have tried finding a decent order to perform some tricks in a row but I’m not sure what looks good. Plus I can’t do too much yet, either.

I received a Duncan Imperial at a Christmas party I went to right before Christmas and I couldn’t put it down. So I checked out Wal-Mart and Target but Wal-Mart didn’t even have one yo-yo and Target only had one. Target had the Duncan Butterfly XT, which I bought. For the price and for what it is it is actually a pretty decent little yo-yo. It was only $5 and it’s great for learning tricks. After I got home from Target I ordered the Yomega Raider. It was pretty much all I used for about a week until I realized I needed one with the flared-gap shape and I went to Toys-R-Us and picked up a Yomega Crossfire and then a couple days later I went back to Toys-R-Us and picked up the YoyoFactory Velocity. And the next time I went to Target I found a normal Duncan Butterfly and a cheap $1 yo-yo with a clutch that had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it so I have those, too. Right now I am using the YoyoFactory Velocity the most.

So all together I have:
1 TMNT Clutch yo-yo
2 Duncan Imperials
1 Duncan Butterfly
1 Duncan Butterfly XT
1 Yomega Crossfire
1 Yomega Raider
1 YoyoFactory Velocity

How about you? What yo-yos do you have?

That’s a lot of Yoyos, I would recommend not buying a yoyo anymore that you see cheap and must have. Instead, save your money and buy something more expensive with the combined savings. Trust me, self-taught techniques help but using a good yoyo helps improve yoyo’ing skills as well, more than you think.

I gave away my YoyoFactory OneStar to my bro-in-law and my YoyoFactory DV888 is sitting in the shelf collecting dust because it’s too small and harder to land tricks with it. My OneStar spins at a fraction of the length of my Shutters. That is one reason why I say save money and buy something more pricier, longer spin times gives you more time to land tricks.

Right now I have two YoyoFactory Shutters, a black one and a silver one. As you can see, I love YoyoFactory yoyos. My silver one is my baby and I use it minimally. My black one is my daily grind, I use it all the time. I have a Konkave Ceramic bearing in my black one instead of my silver which uses Center Trac bearing. Why would I do this with my silver who is my baby? Because I play with my black one most of the time, so why not? My silver is more for display, although I keep it in my bag. My silver Shutter is just something I have to look at and go wow that’s beautiful.

Here are my two Shutters, I just took this photo a few days ago.

From what I’ve seen a lot of people seem to have the Shutter. I’ve heard good things about it. And yeah, now that I’ve got a few good yo-yos that work well in the categories I want to do I’m all set. I’ve only spent about $43 total and I’ve got a pretty good selection to work with. I just got lube the other day and it makes so much of a difference. My Raider was starting to become unresponsive and my Crossfire was almost completely unresponsive but now that I lubed em up they are almost 2 new yo-yos.

Hey mate, it’s confirmed by Air Traffic that Wednesday is the night. I will be heading there at 6 PM, hope to see you there.

Alright, it’s me and StirKrazy11 that is going so far that I know of. I’m pretty sure others will show up that don’t go on this forums to see this thread. If anybody wants to come, last call as the Air Traffic at the Mall of America location starts at 6 PM CST, which is in a hour and 10 minutes from now. See everybody there!

dang saw this too late, have fun guys.

No worries, there’s always next time. We had a blast, didn’t we Kent (StirKrazy11)?

I’m going to set our next meeting a month in advance. That way more people have time to plan out, so that they can go to the next event.

The next event is going to be set at, Wednesday, February 18, 6pm – 8pm at the Mall of America location of Air Traffic, located on the 3rd floor next to Nordstrom.

People who are coming list,

Dave (Me)

I’m in the twin cities and sadly the Ridgedale location of Airtraffic closed (which had the biggest yoyo night)

Luckily! Each location has a yoyo night every week!

The Eden Prarie mall location is the next biggest (in terms of number of people)
And they meet Every Monday night (5-8)

The Eden Prarie and maple grove locations are better for yoyo night because they are MUCH bigger than MOAs space

I’ve heard about that. I might have to try the Eden Prairie location sometime within the next few weeks. I live 17 mins away from the MOA and 21 from the EP Center. So the time isn’t that far. I am still going to try and get more people to attend the MOA event next month and increase numbers. Eden Prairie is kind of far for some people I would imagine.

Yeah, last night was kinda fun but it would have been better with more people for sure.
I just looked online and I wouldn’t be able to make it to Eden Prairie Air Traffic. There isn’t a bus going from Eden Prairie to South Minneapolis after 8 PM. There is one leaving at 7:30 but it’s the last one and I would hate to miss it and be stranded. Plus it takes about an hour and a half just to get there and another hour and a half to get home.
We could even start a yo-yo club somewhere else ourselves. All we need is some room so we don’t hit stuff. Maybe a library or a church or convention center would allow us to use space for free. I can look into it if anyone is interested.

Sounds like a plan!