Anybody play with begleri (aka. worry beads)

A guy at work introduced me to begleri, which is basically two beads on a small segment of cord (4inches / 10cm) which you twirl in your fingers. Kind of fun.

It’s a bit more discrete at work than my yoyo or kendama, so that’s a plus.

I searched, and didn’t see any mention of it on these forums.

Check it out.

i know what your talking about, but never tried them, (yet) thanks for reminding me!

start at 1:15 to see it all come together

I may not play begleri, and I never had before, but I did hear about MonkeyfingeR Design collaborating with Aroundsquare to produce a specialized begleri toy, named the Wukong. :wink:

ive done it all day today… tons of fun.

Just got a set of Begleri today. Crazy fun, and something I can do in close space, which is different than yoyo or kendama

Here is a picture of my 2 begleri
The brass play fast, the monkey fist play more forgiving on the knuckles.

i made some last night with some paracord, REALLY liking these!!

yeah i made these yesterday

Yeah I like mine. I have one paracord (thanks Dust) and one that I made with 6 extra bearings

I play daily during class :wink:

Two Wukong, Ape Grapes and my original homemade set


What do you do with them??

I just got some Ape Grapes in and man, now my monkey fist ones i made feel so light they seem laughable.

Stuff like this

I discovered Begleri just last week and I have had fun making them as we as playing them. Interesting how easy they are to make yet so expensive to purchase.

I made several of my own, then bought a “good set” now my home made ones are cute decorations. to play them fees weird and wrong. I made all of mine WAAAY too light. Now im used to heavy ones, i cant go back. ::slight_smile:

I am studding on how to make a heaver set. Your “Good Set” statement, though, has sparked my interest.

Hey woodrat, glad to see another Sr. in the mix.


Made my own not very heavy but I’m a make a heavy one

I use 11mm steel ballz in mine. Great weight and size.

Just as soon as I can raid my grand-kids marbles I will try making a monkey fist.

Haha. Just caught that. Right back atcha! :sunglasses:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

A search on YouTube for aroundsquare begleri and/or TGPBegleri will get you lots of tutorials and info. Just FYI for people interested in learning.