Anybody play with begleri (aka. worry beads)


Just received a Zeeiko metal bead begleri. It is so much heavier and plays very differently from my homemade wood bead begleris. I will send a pic just as soon as I learn how.


Where did you get glowing paracord at


I got a pair Ape Grapes over Christmas Break


How are the Ape Grapes? How do the compare to other sets?


The ape grapes will slip between the fingers a little better than the wukongs. They are similar in weight so the momentum is familiar. Another option is the around square hydras. They slip even better in my experience. They have a heavier set called the titan. They are similar in shape to ape grapes. But much heavier. They have great momentum. It can really cause havok when a flip goes bad :thinking:

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There are several makers on Etsy. Some really cheap ones all the way too expensive.

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Aroundsquare has some open source 3D printable Titans for free on their website, just FYI


I only have the Ape Grapes so I don’t now but they are really good. Do you now any place where I can buy some other tips of Begleri?

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google “aroundsquare begleri” (sorry YYE, you know I love ya!!)


Ok thank I will look at that


Online or at a craft store like Michaels. It’s white in daytime but glows for several hours with a good charge in light.


I looked up the price of some begleri and was just like dang! Then I realized how much I’ve spent on yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:


Wallets are meant to be emptied .


I made two monkey fist begleri today. I really like the way they play; very easy to learn, and fun to use.


I just recently got a begleri. Haven’t really learned anything yet. But it is fun to throw around so far.


I love them i might have a tutorial coming out on how to make them


Dude that would be epic! I cant find any other videos about it.


I got one of the TGP steel sets, waiting for it to come

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After spending so many hours with my ape grapes, they are bashed, smashed, and have aged pretty well. Now im waiting on a titanium )Titan) set to come in the mail. Very excited!


I’ve started using 1/2" steel balls in my monkey fists and they feel 150% better.