Starting Begleri?

Hey all,

I have been looking at spinners because I am fidgety and sometimes I need to be sitting and somewhat paying attention (conference call meetings, etc.)

I picked up a cheaper one and it was fun for… maybe 2 mintues. My issue is, Im trying to start to do tricks with it and its rather limited in the fun factor on that end.

In comes my research where I landed on Begleri.

I am greek, so I guess its natural I want to try these.

I know nothing of them other than looking into string length, but even then. Im a bit confused.

I dont care about dropping 40-50 bucks on one, but I dont want to buy the begleri version of unresponsive yoyos and get frustrated.


I know what your saying. I would advise getting a Raw version of what ever your gonna grab if possible. You will smash them, drop them alot, and if you get a really pretty set it sucks a bit more. Ape Grapes hold up pretty well considering. Ive put mine through a lot and they have aged quite gracefully.
Titans are built for more performance, Hydras are more comfortable and a bit more customization? Choose Ti or Al based on your budget.

All the hommade monkey fist ones i made worked OK, then after getting the ape grapes i found the old light monkeyfists so light it was almost unplayable. But i also didnt put anything inside my monkey fists like i found out later i was supposed to have.

Anyway, they will all be able to do the same tricks and have the same level of engagement, entertainment, and progression with. Which ones you choose will be based on avalibility and which ones you like the best. Im waiting on a set of titans to come in the mail for me to try something new from the Apes (which are great by the way).

Youll find the same bumbling “how-the-crap-do-they-do-this” with base level or highest end. So might as well get a good set. More than 60 (before shipping) is kinda alot if you ask me.
My vote would be Hydras (Al or Ti) or Ape Grapes (Al). Titans (Al or Ti) if you want to go all out.

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^lots of good advice

Thanks! I ended up going all out on the Titans! I liked the raw, but long shipping times direct from aroundsquare had me googling elsewhere. Oddly enough, I collect knives and they had a one side raw, one side black PVD for sale, so I added a knife I was planning on getting anyway and snagged free shipping lol. :smiley:

Good lookin out, and nice choice indeed. I had to opt for turbo long ship time in order to get the color (sunset) i wanted. :slight_smile:

Ordered a raw set for a friend from EDC carry, its already here. Ordered my pretty set from returntopshop and it hasnt even shipped yet. haha

im not in a hurry tho so its cool.

yeah im excited. I notice that I bite my nails when im sitting on the couch or not doing things w/ my hands, so this is me trying to curb that a bit haha

Just got to sling some titans, and WOW. I cant wait for mine to show up now!! String felt alot different from the ones on the Apes, but that could be cause they were brand new (gift for a friend) but really impressed. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Im excited!

Im getting into begleri a little recently too. From my beginners point of view, I think weight is a big factor in choosing a begleri set.

I have ape grapes and a couple cheaper sets (one monkey fist style and one thats just really light aluminum). I think the Ape Grapes have the best feel in the hand, but I’m finding it easier to learn the motions with the lighter sets. I’ve been smacking my knuckles repeatedly while learning, so something on the lighter side is less discouraging for me.

I found that once i moved to the heavy ones, it hurt my hand for like a day or two. Now not at all, not even almost. It sounds like its crushing me but its all good. The key is to just stick with it. Spend time every day with them, and the pain from smashing goes away really fast.

Between yoyos, powerlifting (callouses!!), MMA (not anymore but it didnt help. 4-1-1 record lol…), and working on motorcycles (Spanner Wrenches are the work of demons), my hands are pretty well smashed at any given time, lol. Im sure itll still suck!

If you want good cheap metal begleri, try tgp. U can get brass ones for only 14 dollars!

TGPBegleri sells nice stuff on etsy and has some great tutorials on YouTube.

I would recommend making some monkey fists when you start out. They can be too light, but they’re good for beginners. Use steel balls in the middle instead of marbles if possible.

I used some yoyo string with dice :stuck_out_tongue: no idea what real ones are like but for how much I use them they work fine :wink:

I started my making my own. I went to Walmart got some Packages of wood beads (4 for $1) in 2 different sizes and some Para-cord spending about $5 in total. I made 4 sets in various lengths and watched YouTube to learn how to use them. I like these much better than to brass bead set I bought on line and I now have extra sets to give away to my friends and grand-kids.

Not sure if this thread is the right one for this, where could I learn some tricks or skills?

There’s tons of tutorials on youtube. Just search beginner begleri tutorials and you’ll have a good place to start

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Was in the same boat, wanted to get into this as I want to have something I can play with anywhere…plane, car, sitting at my desk, crowded spaces…yoyos can go almost anywhere :slight_smile:

Ended up getting myself a pack of 1/2 oz (or 14 gram) steel egg sinkers/bullet weights and some paracord and went the DIY route in making a set. I’ve played around with a “real” pair after trying my ceramic bead one I made a year ago…ceramic was too light and I was afraid to drop it. With the raw steel one, it has that nice weight to it yet quick enough to move around and sling. Plus something about that dinged steel bullet shape gives it some character :slight_smile: