Any Magic players in the house?

If so, what kind of deck do you use?

Right now I’m sporting a Blue/Red Permission/Burn deck. Really using the heck out of Stoic Rebuttal.

im currently running a red/green artifact deck. Im probably gonna start building a heal deck, and possibly eventually an infect deck

I tried starting out on a discard deck. Those things are hard to work with.

ive never played a discard deck. But my friend has a really annoying healing deck (he got up to 79 while I was playing him today), so I want to put together an infect deck to take him out on poison counters

What does he use to heal?

I run a white equipment deck, its always hilarious my opponents reaction when I turn a 2/2 into a 12/12 with doublestrike, cant be blocked, gets a +1/+1 token each time it deals combat damage to player and I also gain life equal to the amount of damage it does. Ever since i moved out of my home state though I cant find anyone who plays so my deck just collects dust nowadays

Where you out of?

I play a monoblack shadow based deck
Phage The Untouchable + Dauthi Embrace = Instawin if your opponet doesnt have a creature with shadow, and really, who else has shadow?

Had a suicide black type deck, if I recall correctly. Most of the people I played with kind of spread out too, so my deck kind of sits somewhere in my room where I haven’t really attempted to look for it. I occasionally go on Magic Online though, about as close as I can get now to a card game if I have the urge to play.

Phage has GOT to be restricted.

As far as I know it’s totally legal, but it is a legendary so it falls under those rules
I haven’t been to a tourney or a meet in 5+ years so I’m not too sure on the rules at this point in time haha

I’m moved too california from colorado…me and my friends would do 2v2 matches to kill time

I use a green elf deck. It’s for recreational use though. I really like my cousin’s pyromancer/control deck.

I dont play anymore but still have all my cards and when I did play I use to use a green elf deck as well I would always get made fun of for using it, but man I loved it. My good friend whom I learned from uses a sliver deck, its a pretty dangerous deck. Man really makes me want to start playing now.

im running a black kill stuff deck and using phage and carnafax demon and some Liliana Vess. also a blue/red/wight that i really like

A silver deck?
You mean an artifact/colorless deck?

No, SLIVER not silver. :wink: IIRC it was multicolored though.

Ah, sorry. Not wearing my glasses today.

Understandable mistake.

I run a Green/Black/White Treefolk deck. I remember spending so much to handpick the cards that went in there lol. I have the same problem like others, moved to Iowa and now dont know peeps to play with, so my cards sit in the closet.

EDIT: A year or 2 back, I found a program that basically allowed you to get any card (which you had to download to add to your collection as well) and play online. No it wasnt Magic Online it was something else and free. Dabbled in that a bit to test decks.